Backyard Weddings

Backyard WeddingsWhile many couples put down sometimes costly deposits on outdoor wedding locations that overlook a lake or an extreme mountain view, other couples choose to have their wedding in a place a little closer to home, and one that they may have some particularly fond memories in. One excellent way to save money while doing your wedding reception is to host a backyard wedding. Backyard weddings can be either ultra casual, simple and romantic, or even an elegant show of beauty, depending upon your preferences and your wedding budget. Your backyard wedding doesn’t even have to be in your own backyard, it can be hosted in a friend or family member’s backyard, and can be a very romantic place to have your wedding. There are several factors you’ll need to consider when planning your backyard wedding, to help make sure that it is right for you.

Determine the Location of your Backyard Wedding

Probably the first thing you’ll need to look at when choosing a location for your backyard wedding is in who’s backyard to use. You’ll need to consider the number of people you are inviting, and make sure that wherever you choose has enough of a backyard to make it work. Then, if it is in a friend or family member’s backyard, you’ll need to ask and make sure they don’t mind having a wedding on their property. Not only will you need to determine the backyard you’ll be getting married in, you’ll need to determine the best place for your wedding ceremony to take place. You’ll need to make sure that your ceremony is set up in such a way that the sun will not be in the eyes of your guests, and a position where they can still get the best view possible.

Determine What Decorating You’ll Need for Your Backyard Wedding

If the backyard you choose is already decked out with beautiful rose gardens or perhaps some other beautiful landscaping, then you may not need to do very much to decorate your backyard wedding. Maybe only a few white trellises with flowers and greenery weaved into them to cover up any unsightly areas would be the most that you need to do. If however, the backyard is not landscaped at all, or there are a few additions you’d like to make, then talk to the owner of the backyard about what you’d like to do and get their approval. If you get it, then make a plan to either bring in a professional landscaper to take care of the area, or if you have a green thumb, set up an afternoon to come over and get to work. Since this is decorating for your wedding, you should offer to pay for any landscaping. Also, be sure to think about any additions you’d like to make to the backyard for your decorating, such as strings of lights or lanterns, or even an arch for the ceremony. Work out the logistics for this as soon as you can with the owner of the backyard.

Determine What Kind of Backyard Wedding Reception to Have

One great thing about backyard weddings is that they lend themselves well to either afternoon or evening weddings. If you are having an early afternoon wedding, then a few tables set up inside the house, or even out on the grounds with snack foods is an excellent idea for a casual backyard wedding reception. If you want your backyard wedding to take place in the evening with a fancier wedding reception, you can look at renting a tent to put outside (if there is enough room) and fill it with tables and have the caterer or restaurant set up their tables inside.

Backyard weddings are intended to be more intimate family type gatherings. Backyard weddings lend themselves a more romantic and charming feel to them than perhaps a larger more ornate wedding would do. Not only that, but with nature lending herself to do most of the decorations, your backyard wedding is bound to be a success.