Destination Wedding Questions to Ask

Planning any kind of wedding can be stressful. Destination weddings are no exception. A destination wedding can be one of the most beautiful and memorable times of your life. Once you have settled on a location, there are some things you should be aware of, and questions that you should remember to ask.

Is there a wedding planner on location?

If you have chosen to get married at a resort, many have wedding planners on staff to supply all of your wedding needs. You should also be sure to try and get contact information for them if possible. Be sure to verify all the services they provide, and if there is additional fee for their services.

Which areas at your resort are available?

Get a list of available private areas for the ceremony and reception. If you choose to marry outdoors, ask about alternatives if weather is bad. If you’d rather marry indoors, check about air conditioning and other conditions of the room. If you can, get pictures and layouts of the areas available to you, as well as decorations and possible room layouts. Be sure to ask if there will be any other weddings on the same day/in the same place as yours.

What is the cost?

Some hotels include the cost of a destination wedding with the cost of your hotel package, and others have it as an extra fee. Be sure to determine hotel policy on this. Also, many destination hotel resorts may have a price list for all characteristics, and some may include everything in the wedding package. Get a cost list if possible. Also be sure to ask if guests attending the wedding will receive any discounts from their hotel packages.

What about the marriage license?

You will need to obtain a marriage license for the state/country in which you will be married. All states and countries have different laws for the requirements necessary to obtain a marriage license. Be sure to get all details, including if medical tests are necessary, witnesses must be available, the license must be obtained in person, waiting periods, etc.

Be sure to get as much information as you can when planning your destination wedding. The hotel management will not mind you asking them questions, and if they do then maybe you should look for another resort. Remember, it is your wedding and you should have as much information as you can so there are no surprises later!