Ideas for Making Cheap Wedding Favors

The tradition of giving wedding favors has become an important part of the wedding celebration. When planning your wedding, a great way to cut costs while at the same time providing a personal and unique gesture is to create do it yourself wedding favors. Just because you can make cheap wedding favors, does not mean that they have to look that way! Your wedding favors should reflect your unique personality, but they do not have to break your budget in the process. Below are some ideas for making unique wedding favors.

When considering homemade wedding favors, homemade candies or treats wrapped in tulle or some other kind of tin wrapped with a ribbon are usually charming. There are many kinds of molds for making candy, and you should find one that goes with the theme of your wedding for a more unique wedding favor. If the reception is to be a dinner, after dinner mints are a great alternative. If you are not very crafty, there are many types of wholesale wedding favors containers that can be purchased cheaply over the Internet.

Another kind of unique wedding favors are candles. A candle wedding favor does not require much skill, and you can easily create a unique wedding favor that your guests will treasure for time to come. One great idea is to decorate store bought candles using dried flowers and leaves. To make this candle wedding favor, simply apply modge podge to the back of a dried flower or leaf and press onto store bought candles. Create a pattern with leaves and flowers, then remove any of the excess glue with a paper towel. Once glue is dry, you can dip the candle into a melted jar of perra wax and allow to dry. Once completed, you can wrap the candle wedding favors in tulle and tie with a ribbon for an attractive and unique wedding favor.

Another idea for a unique wedding favor is a burned CD with some favorite songs of the bride and groom. It is relatively easy to create a special label for the CD, and CD envelopes can be purchased and decorated relatively cheaply.

If you are serving wine at your reception, you can also create wine wedding favors. Wine glass charms can be made easily with just a coil of wire, and then various beads and charms which can be picked up at any craft store. You can also put each guests name on the charm for a more personalized wedding favor, and what a great way to easily tell their glasses apart!

Remember that just because you can make cheap wedding favors does not mean that they have to look cheap. Using ribbon, tulle, artifical flowers, and other decorations, you can create personalized wedding favors that are unique to the bride and groom. Give it some thought, and you can create affordable wedding favors that people will want to hang onto for years to come.