Instead of a Wedding Registry, Can We Ask for Cash?

With so many people waiting longer to get married, many already have homes set up and filled with what they need and use, and the last thing they want is more stuff. Plus, with the rising costs of weddings and people paying for most if not all of the wedding themselves, cash is usually a welcome gift. But many wonder just how to register for cash or let people know they would prefer cash over gifts on their wedding registry without appearing rude to their family and friends.

One of the best ways to do this is let your close friends and family know that you would rather have cash to use towards your honeymoon, down payment for a house, or even to go towards to the cost of the wedding. That way when people ask your friends and family where you are registered, they can tell them where you are registered, but also that you are saving that particular something. That way both options are presented, and the guest understands that cash would be a welcome gift.

There are also online wedding registries that allow guests to donate towards your particular cause. For example, if you are saving towards your honeymoon, most travel agencies have programs that allow guests to donate towards the cost of your honeymoon. Some banks have even set up funds that allow guests to donate funds into a fund setup for the down payment on a house.

However you choose to get the word out to your family and friends, be aware that many will still prefer to give a gift from your wedding registry, so be sure to set up a wedding registry as well with things that you want and need. As time goes by the subject of asking for cash becomes less and less uncommon, and likely will be used much more in the future.