Planning a Destination Wedding

Picture of the Caribbean - Just BeautifulMany couples today are choosing destination weddings instead of the more traditional weddings. What is a destination wedding? Simply, it is a wedding that you have to travel to, and can include guests or not. Planning a destination wedding may seem like a daunting task, but many resorts and cruise ships are working to make it easier. If you are thinking of a destination wedding but are not sure if its right for you, below are some of the benefits of planning a destination wedding.

Destination weddings can be cheaper

If you add up the the dress, the reception bill, florists, photographers, rental equipment and other traditional wedding fees you may be surprised to find out that destination weddings are often less expensive. This is because they generally involve many fewer guests, and resorts and hotels offer all-inclusive deals.

Destination Weddings are more intimate

Due to the nature of a destination wedding, not everyone you invite will be able to attend. Typically relatives and close friends will attend, making the audience those people closest to you. Also, with everyone staying in the same hotel, there is more time to spend with family and friends in a little mini-vacation before the wedding.

Destination Weddings are less stressful

Planning a destination wedding is not nearly as stressful as planning one close to home. Most resorts have either a wedding consultant/planner on location or a list of good planners in the area to scout out vendors and make sure everything is completed in time for your ceremony. That way you can relax on the beach or out on the town while the plans are being done for you!

Destination Weddings let you start your honeymoon early!

In a traditional wedding scenario the bride and groom leave the church late and drive to an airport or hotel to sit on an airplane , or wake up early to catch a plane, and arrive to their honeymoon destination exhausted. With a destination wedding, once the ceremony and reception are complete, they are already on their honeymoon!