Wedding Aisle Runners

Wedding Aisle RunnersI’ve said it before in previous articles, but when I was doing my wedding planning, the last thing I really thought about for our wedding was the church decorations. So the week before the wedding I was hurriedly making pew bows and choosing how I wanted to decorate the altar with columns and flower arrangements. Needless to say, I wouldn’t recommend that option to most brides out there, as last minute arrangements like that can get a little stressful. One of the debates going on in my mind during that week was whether or not I needed or wanted wedding aisle runners for the church, when to lay them out, and other issues involving the wedding aisle runners logistics. So if you’re wondering if you should use wedding aisle runners, and are looking for some advice then you’ve come to the right place.

Personally, I’m glad that I chose to use wedding aisle runners. It really added a lot to the way the church looked, and honestly if the wedding aisle runner hadn’t of been there, the church would have looked a little empty. I looked around, and found a local party store that carried wedding aisle runners, and they were all around $10. Not a huge price to pay for the elegance and beauty that they can add to your wedding ceremony. Now for the logistics piece of it.

You can really work your wedding aisle runners any way you’d like to. I chose to have two of our ushers extend the wedding aisle runner to the front after the last bridesmaid had taken her place at the front. Now, I placed the aisle runner roll at the back, and had them run it to the front, but you can do it the other way too if you’d like, it’s all a matter of preference. But the wedding aisle runner was in place before my Dad and I stepped into the church.

Like I said before, I can’t tell you how much the wedding aisle runner added to the church. Wedding aisle runners can be used in outdoor weddings, indoor weddings, in any place the bride and groom will be walking. If you’re wondering if wedding aisle runners are right for you, only you can answer that. But they really made a difference in our wedding, and I’d highly suggest them.