10 Wedding Day Disasters – and How to Avoid Them

Don’t Let These Wedding Day Disasters Happen To You!It’s every bride’s worst fear, the one thing that keeps her up at night worrying. Will something go wrong at the wedding ceremony, and is there anything that she can do to keep everything from happening? Here are some of the worst fears brides face  and how to avoid them. And here they are, in no particular order, the top worst wedding day fears and how to make sure they don’t happen to you!

1. What if My Wedding Dress Doesn’t Fit?

This is a huge nightmare for brides, especially if they are trying to lose weight before the wedding day. Make sure the dress is fit to your measurements, and try it on every time after you have something new done to it. Even something as simple as a new zipper or having it taken in could alter how the dress fits, or if the zipper will get stuck.

2. What if the Caterer Doesn’t Show Up?

This was definitely a concern for me, as our whole wedding reception was a dinner, and the caterer was coming in from out of town. The best way to get over this is to be in communication with whoever you have to cater your reception. Call them the day before to confirm, fax them directions and a map to your location, and let them know which doors they can use, what time to show up, and where to set up.

3. What if I Fall Down on My Face?

Walking down the aisle in front of hundreds of people, it’s got to cross your mind at one point or another, especially if you have to go up and down any stairs. Choose some wedding shoes that are comfortable and that you can easily walk in, and break them in before your wedding day. Walk carefully!

4. What if Something Happens to the Wedding Cake?

We’ve all seen the movies where a beautiful tiered wedding cake falls onto someone’s or collapses, or someone falls into the top of it. What a nightmare that would be, right? Make sure the wedding cake table is away from all areas of heavy activity, like a dance floor.

5. Distractions During the Wedding Ceremony?

If you are having small children in your wedding ceremony such as flower girls or ring bearers, expect the unexpected. Choose a child that is old enough for the responsibility and not afraid of large groups of people, and have their parents explain to them what they can and can not do. Bring activity bags for them for use during down times so they aren’t bored. Luckily, most children are so charming and cute and much can be forgiven in this area.

6. Tux Problems?

It is usually the job of the best man to pick up the tuxes, but be sure to designate who will actually pick them up. Ideally, they should all be picked up at the same location to keep things from getting complicated. Have the groom try on his tux immeadiately after picking it up to make sure everything fits and that he has everything he needs. There is nothing like picking up a tux, and on the morning of the wedding figuring out you only have two left shoes or some other problem.

7. What About the DJ?

If you choose to hire a DJ for the wedding, they are typically experienced in working weddings. Get them a list of songs you want them to play for dancing, such as the first dance, the parents dance, etc. Also, be sure to give them a list of songs that you do NOT want them to play so there aren’t any embarrassing moments.

8. What if I Mess Up While Talking?

Theres nothing like sticking your foot in your mouth, and you definitely don’t want to do it during your wedding ceremony. Everyone has seen the Friends episode where Ross called his bride the wrong name by mistake. Calm down, speak slowly and focus on you and your spouse and your wedding day!

9. What if Nobody Shows Up?

Another wedding day nightmare that crosses every bride’s mind at one point or another. The best you can do to solve this one is send out RSVP cards in plenty of time and make a list. Not everyone who RSVP’s will make the wedding, just like people will come who did not RSVP. Rest assured that those closest to you will come, and your groom will come, and that is really all you need.

10. There is Going to be Alcohol, What if Something Happens?

If you choose to have alcohol at your wedding, then this thought surely has crossed your mind. There is always the drunk uncle somewhere who makes a scene, says or does something that could potentially be embarrassing. You can either not have alcohol and use punch instead, or you can limit the amount of alcohol at your wedding. This can be done by only having a few types of alcohol there, such as champagne or wine, or some other signiture drink, and make sure only 21 and up are drinking!

Remember though, just because you plan and plan doesn’t mean that you can eliminate all possibility of something going wrong on your wedding day. Just remember to keep a light heart, it is your wedding day, and no matter what happens, you will still be marrying your best friend. Trust me, even wedding day disasters are something that you can laugh at later, and make your wedding day memorable to all involved.