5 Hints for Happy Bridesmaids

They are our sisters, cousins, soon to be sisters-in-law and our dear friends – and they mean so much t5 Hints for Happy Bridesmaidso us. It can be a difficult task having to pick those special few who will stand up with you on your wedding day up at the front for all to see as your bridesmaids.  When most bridesmaids accept your invitation to a bridesmaid they understand that there is going to be work involved. But like I said, these ladies are your family and friends and they’ll probably be wanting to help in your wedding even if they weren’t chosen. The fact remains though – you need to treat your bridesmaids right, right?

We’ve all seen the shows about the Bridezilla who stomps around yelling orders at her fiancee, friends and family and throwing a hissy fit like some kind of two year old. Or those terrible bridesmaid dresses that are so terrible that they stick in our heads like a train wreck you just can’t look away from. It’s times like these the words come back again and again…you need to treat your bridesmaids right. But  what are some good ways to do it?

Here is a list of just a few ways to show consideration for those important ladies in your life:

1. When picking the colors and designs of the bridesmaid dresses, be sure to consider the form and coloring of each lady. I had two blonds, a redhead and two brunettes in my wedding party – and needed to find a spring color that would compliment each lady.

2. One option we’re seeing more and more with wedding trends is picking out a wedding color, and having your bridesmaid pick out her own style and length of dress in that color. It’s a surefire way to make sure they love their dresses!

3. Bridesmaid gifts are a must! Buy them a nice thank you gift for all their hard work and time dedicated to your wedding. It doesn’t have to be something that breaks the bank, but something heartfelt to show just how much you care.

4. Never underestimate the power of a “looking you straight in eye” with a heartfelt thank you and a hug.

5. Remember that your bridesmaids have jobs and lives outside of their bridesmaid duties. Be flexible if they are late or cannot make an event. Also, remember to ask them how they are. It sounds silly, but if you get overwhelmed with wedding stuff that starts to be all that you can think about and your other relationships suffer.

I know the concepts may be silly and simple – but you’d be surprised about how easily some of these little things can escape us when you’re doing something as big and stressful as planning a wedding. What are some special things you’re doing to remember those ladies closest to you?