A Soon to Be Royal Wedding

It’s always interesting to see what sorts of trends will come around from year to year, from fashion and shoes to weddings,tiara there are so many different ways that everything could swing. I’ve looked through all sorts of articles on proposed wedding trends for 2011, and I’ve seen a lot of great ideas that I’m totally excited about. A few of the things I’ve already blogged about, like vintage weddings and outdoor weddings and wedding receptions. But one that I’ve been holding back on until now was the trend of  a royalty wedding.

Whether you keep up with the royal family across the pond or not is up to you, but most of the world (wedding planners included) are keeping all eyes on Katherine Middleton and Prince William as they are dutifully and secretly planning their own wedding day. While details are scare, a few small details have leaked out, such as the date set, the location and time, and even that there will be no horse drawn carriage. But the world is still watching, eager to see what these two trendsetters will choose.

So yes, one hot wedding trend this year will be a royalty wedding. Expect huge ballroom gowns (even though we don’t know what sort of dress Katherine will be wearing – experts are saying that ballroom gowns will be huge this year) with beautiful and intricate cathedral trains, tiaras, a horse drawn carriage and all of those other little special touches that just shout something special.

So…if you could be a fly on the wall in the room where Prince William and Kate Middleton do their wedding planning, what would you like to peek into?