All Different Bridesmaid Dresses?

All Different Bridesmaid Dresses?Today, more and more brides are starting to let their bridesmaids have more of a say in the style of bridesmaid dress that they wear. It’s a great idea, and your bridesmaids will totally appreciate it if you choose to go that way too. The fact is, the chances that one style of dress will suit the body type of each of your bridesmaids is slim. With my wedding, all of my bridesmaids were basically the same size, and I knew that a simple A-line dress would compliment each one of them, so they all had the same style. There has always been a great debate among brides during their wedding planning if they should have all of their brides looking uniform and the same, or if they should allow the bridesmaid to choose their own dress. Here are some great reasons why you should allow your bridesmaids to choose their own style of dresses.

1. Being able to Reuse the Dress:

This is a big thing with bridesmaids. They love you, and totally want to be there for you, but keep in mind they are paying good money to buy a dress they will typically only wear once. If you choose a style that isn’t them, and that they hate, chances are they’ll never wear the dress again after your wedding, and their money will be wasted. On the other hand, if they have a dress with a style that they like, they can use it for parties and special occasions later.

2. Get Dresses to Flatter their Body Type

Face it, strapless dresses don’t look great on every body type, and neither do spaghetti straps. Allowing each bridesmaid to choose their own dress style will let them choose a style that they are comfortable with, and one that compliments their body type. Making your bridesmaid wear dresses that do not flatter them could make them stand out from your wedding party like a sore thumb.

3. Add some Variety to your Wedding Party

One of the best reasons for allowing your bridesmaids to choose their own dress style is that it adds some life and variety to your wedding party. Instead of having everyone uniform and the same, your bridesmaid dresses will reflect their personalities, and keep them happy as well. Your bridesmaids really will appreciate the right to choose.

If you’re worried about what kinds of dresses your girls will choose, then rule out the ones that you don’t want, and let them know their options. For example, my church doesn’t allow bare shoulders, and I don’t particularly care for strapless gowns either, therefore if I would have let my girls choose their own dress style, I would have said anything but a strapless gown. Some bridal shops have mix and match pairs, so you can pick out the skirt and let them choose a top in a particular color, being sure to let them know your favorites. That way both you and your bridesmaids can be comfortable with their choice, and still let them choose their style of dress.