Alphabet Themed Bridal Shower

Alphabet Themed Bridal ShowerThere are many popular themes for bridal showers today. One of the most popular is the Alphabet Bridal Shower. If you like, you can view more popular bridal shower themes in my other articles, Bridal Shower Theme Ideas and More Great Bridal Shower Themes. Today though, I’m only going to focus on the Alphabet Bridal Shower. To those of you who don’t know what this is, it is a particular theme of bridal shower which is based off of the alphabet. Sounds simple right? It is. To work this bridal shower, assign each lady a particular letter of the alphabet. Each lady is to bring a gift which corresponds to the letter they were assigned in their invitation. For example, if someone was assigned a C, they could bring a coffee cup, coffee, or collander. Allow guests to use their imagination and come up with gifts on their own. Such as, for the lady assigned the letter Q, let her do quiet time books, or a quick meal recipe book. But, if you are looking for ideas to help with your Alphabet bridal shower, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some great details to help make your shower something great!

Alphabet Bridal Shower Invitations

It may take a bit of work, but you can make these yourself. Cut out large letters of each letter of the alphabet, and decorate one side. You can buy stencils from the store to help you out with this. Then, on the other side, write out the invitation describing the theme, and that their letter is the letter of their invitation. If you don’t have 26 guests you are inviting, then you may need to double up some of the women on their letters, in which case you would just need to provide both letters into their envelope. Then, when they bring their gifts, they can attach the letter to their gift. It makes a great colorful addition to the gifts, as well as a FROM tag from the giver.

Alphabet Bridal Shower Decorations

A great idea for this is to go by any teacher supply store and look around for bulletin board decorations, or other materials with large alphabet letters on them, and post them around the party site. You can push pin them into walls at odd angles for a fun approach. If you don’t want to buy anything for this, you can paint or print large letters onto pieces of computer paper yourself and post them around as well.

Alphabet Bridal Shower Snacks

This one will require a bit of creativity. Your cake can have a large ABC on it, and you can also make cookies and find cookie cutters of alphabet letters as well. If you prefer, you can grab some oreos and dip them in chocolate, and then write the letters in icing on the cookies. You could also try to incorporate every letter into the snack table as well. Such as apples, bananas, Cheetos, Doritos, eggs (deviled), and so on, then put the letters you are covering next to every snack. So if you have a fruit tray with apples, bananas, cherries, grapes and strawberries, make a small tag with ABCGS, and be sure to cover every letter somewhere on the table. Some great table decorations for this are children’s building blocks with letters on them.

Alphabet Bridal Shower Favors

This one can be really up to you. If you like, you can give them some of the props you purchased for the shower, such as one of the children’s blocks along with a small bag of candy or card. Its a cute idea that isn’t done very much. If you like, you can stray away from the alphabet theme in your bridal shower and still give out something small to each guest. Check online for some great deals, or look around a nearby teacher supply store for more help.

When your bridal shower has a theme, it adds such a great element of fun for everyone involved. Plus it helps knowing what to use to decorate the shower, as well as what to serve for snacks. If you have been to an Alphabet shower and would like to share some fun ideas, be sure to comment and let me know!