Alternative Wedding Flowers that Can Save

In nearly every bridal book you pick up, or florist shop you enter, you’ll see what most people have in their minds when itWedding Flowers comes to wedding flowers. Huge, expensive looking bouquets adorning the pews, aisles, archway at the front, on every table and in the hands of every bridesmaid and the bride. And as a flower lover myself, weddings with so many flowers are gorgeous and fill the whole room with the sweet scents of flowers, but the price tag of supplying that many flowers for a one day event can be astronomical.  The truth is that there are many great alternatives to using flowers in your wedding, and some of them can really save you a lot of money. Here are just a couple places in your wedding where you can do something different to change it all up.

Using Homegrown Plants

If you or anyone you know has a green thumb and is willing to help – then why not put them to work and start growing your wedding flowers early. Then, you can place the flower pots along the aisle you walk down, or use them as centerpieces for your reception.  You don’t even have to use flowers either. One popular trend is to use a cluster of several different kinds of good smelling herbs or wildflowers together on your tables, and giving each wedding guest one of the pots as a wedding favor your guests will enjoy and actually use!

Reuse those Flowers from Your Ceremony

Another great way to stretch your budget for wedding flower dollars is to reuse them to get the most bang for your buck. Instead of having flowers for just the wedding or just the reception, why not use them for both? One great example of this is to use the bridesmaid’s bouquets as the flowers on your centerpiece.  If you have 5 bridesmaids then that is five extra bouquets that you don’t have to buy for the reception centerpieces. If you’re thinking of using this method, make sure you check with your locations first (believe it or not – sometimes you’re not allowed to take your flowers back out).

Reduce the Number of Wedding You Use

Another great option that is sort of a no-brainer is to just reduce the number of flowers you use for your wedding completely. Find something else to use as your centerpieces such as sweet smelling candles or photographs of the happy couple, and have your bridesmaids carry a large, single flower or two down the aisle.

There are lots of great ideas for making your wedding dollars stretch further and giving you more wedding for your money. The Internet is always a great place to find great ideas for wedding help and helps get the creative juices flowing.