An Easy Tuscan Centerpiece

A while back, I did an article on Tuscan Themed Weddings because I was seeing a lot of bTuscan Centerpiecerides and weddings with this theme, and personally I just love the color schemes that work so well with Tuscan weddings I couldn’t resist when I saw this. It’s an excellent idea for a cool, refreshing and surprisingly inexpensive wedding centerpiece for your Tuscan themed wedding. I mean, just check out that beautiful picture over there that I found from Martha Stewart. It’s fabulous, and I love her wedding ideas, they’re so easy to copy and do on your own.

How to Do It

You can easily visit your local farmer’s market or organic grocery store to find these lovely tomatoes in red and orange, and those beautiful little olives. As for the bread sticks, you might be able to find them frozen somewhere, but if you have a grandmother or friend who can make bread that is out of this world you might want to enlist their help. After all, fresh is ALWAYS better! Some small bowls of fresh marinara sauce, and you have a fabulous wedding centerpiece that works as appetizer and possibly wedding favors as well, giving away those beautiful baskets of tomatoes.

I love it, what do you think?