Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Plan A Great Bridal ShowerA new bride typically only has a few wedding showers before the actual wedding ceremony, and it should be fun for everyone involved. A themed bridal shower is a great idea, and many people have started finding fun theme ideas to make the shower more memorable, and helpful to the bride. The wedding shower is typically thrown by the maid or matron of honor or some other family member. The location is any place that works with your theme. If you are planning a bridal shower, and are anything like me, totally lacking in imagination, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve done some research and talked to friends and listed my favorite ideas for a themed bridal shower below.

The Entertainment Theme:

Have all the guests bring gifts pertaining to entertaining the couple in times to come. This includes buying CDs, DVDs, games, puzzles, video games, and anything else you can come up with, get creative. This could also include televisions or DVD players or other game machines. For food bring boxes of candy, microwave popcorn, hot dogs, or even nachos such as you would get at a movie theatre. Make the bridal shower invitations look like an oversized movie ticket. A great idea for a couple that is just starting out.

Around the Clock Theme:

In this scenario, each guest or pair of guests is assigned a certain time of day, such as lunch time, bath time, or an actual time of day, like 8 am. Each guest should bring gifts that will be used during the time they are assigned. For example, with a morning time assigned, coffee mugs or specialty coffees would be a great gift. An afternoon time like around lunch time could be his and her lunchboxes complete with matching thermos. Finger foods are a great snack to be served, and a great bridal shower invitation for this theme would be clocks with each guest’s time on it.

Gift Certificate Theme:

With all of those mounting bills from the wedding, most couples would love to have a gift certificate themed bridal shower. In this theme, each guest is asked to bring the bride a gift certificate of their choice. This can include gift certificates to grocery stores, restaurants, spa treatments, clothing stores, movie theatres, and furniture stores. The possibilities are endless, and they are sure to enjoy it! Snack ideas are limitless, as are your bridal shower invitations.

Garden/Tea Party Theme:

This works great with a spring wedding. If you have a friend with a nice garden or yard with beautiful scenery, ask to borrow the space for an afternoon. Gift ideas are limitless, and finger foods desserts and sandwiches make a great snack to serve. Decorate with fresh flowers in the color of the wedding, and the bridal shower invitations look great with flower pressed paper which can be found in any craft store and printed on your computer.

Recipe Theme:

Also great for the bride and groom starting a new home together. Have each guest bring their favorite dinner recipe, favorite dessert recipe, and a miscellaneous recipe, along with the ingredients for each (dry goods only) as a gift. This will give them lots of dinner ideas, as well as being able to stock their pantry a bit before the wedding. Food for the bridal shower can be anything you like, and bridal shower invitations on blank recipe cards are a great idea! Be sure to include several blank recipe cards with each invitation as well.

The ideas for a bridal shower theme are endless. Use your imagination and the sky is the limit. For more ideas for bridal shower themes, see my other article More Great Bridal Shower Ideas.