Cakes Shower

Cakes ShowerOne of the best things about bridal showers is that they can be anything that you like if you use your imagination. There are virtually hundreds of different kinds of bridal shower themes that you can use, and really, bridal showers with a theme are a whole lot more fun! Another popular kind of bridal shower is called a cakes shower. A cakes shower is a way to help the bride expand her recipe book for when she is married and acting as the primary homemaker. Having an extensive supply of dessert recipes can come in handy as all kinds of gifts, birthday cakes, special treats for your family, holidays, and much more.

Cakes Shower Invitations

You can make these yourself if you like, drawing pictures of cakes or printing some off of the Internet to help you save some time. Include all the necessary information, along with a recipe card for each lady to bring her favorite dessert recipe. It is up to you to have the ladies bring cake recipes, or just their favorite desserts. I prefer favorite desserts though since the selection that comes in is more extensive. Also in the invitation, tell the ladies that the recipe they choose to give to the bride is also the dessert that they will be making and bringing to the shower.

Cakes Shower Snacks

Ideally, the snacks for a cakes shower are the different dessert’s that each lady brings, along with the recipe card that goes along with their dessert. This way, everyone can try each dessert. If you like, you can provide drinks such as coffee, hot teas and milk. If you’d like to play a game at this shower, have a taste testing contest with the dessert. Have a selection of the ladies, or all of them if you like, play the taste testers and vote on best tasting, prettiest, most creative, and any number of categories that you like. You could also have the ladies guess who brought which dessert.

It seems women today are always looking for new and fun bridal shower theme and party ideas. If you need more help with bridal shower theme ideas, then check out my other articles on the subject, Bridal Shower Theme Ideas, and More Great Bridal Shower Themes for more ideas. As always, if you have a favorite bridal shower theme you’d like to share, or one you’d like to know more about, just comment and let me know!