Cheap Wedding Shoes

Cheap Wedding ShoesI know I know, when it comes to picking out what you’re going to wear on your wedding day, it’s typically only about the wedding dress. I totally understand. However, when you are deciding what to wear on your big day, the wedding dress isn’t the only thing that you will be wearing. You’ll need to look at special underclothes for your dress if you need it, hoisery, and of course, wedding shoes. Wedding shoes are not typically the top of every bride’s shopping list. In fact, it’s typically only about the wedding dress, and in most instances, the wedding dress will completely cover the wedding shoes anyway. So, many brides go on the hunt for cheap wedding shoes, making them fun and comfortable for their big day. So, if you are looking for some cheap wedding shoes and need some help coming up with ideas, here are some great hints to help you get started.

Cheap Wedding Shoes – ON SALE!!

Everyone loves a sale, especially brides. Many bridal shops and stores have annual or semi-annual sales on their wedding shoes to get rid of some old inventory to make room for the new styles that are coming out. Check with your local bridal shops occasionally to find out when those sales will occur, or sign up for their mailing list to find out the dates, and hit up those stores then. Or, if you are having trouble finding cheap wedding shoes this way, then many online shops sell cheap wedding shoes that you can easily purchase.

Cheap Wedding Shoes – Ballet Slippers

Many brides looking for cheap wedding shoes tend to go more towards the ballet slippers in white. They are still lovely and feminine, and totally comfortable for your big day. And trust me, comfort is important, especially on your wedding day. You will be standing most of the day, so it is important to have comfortable wedding shoes. Ballet slippers can be purchased off of the Internet or other location near you. Do a search, you’re sure to find plenty of possibilities.

Cheap Wedding Shoes – Flip Flops

I’ve seen many brides go with these kinds of cheap wedding shoes. Typically, the dress covers the feet anyway, so the shoes are not really visable unless she lifts up her dress. Many brides choosing to go with these cheap wedding shoes will buy white flip flops and then decorate them with tulle or rosettes or something like that.

Cheap Wedding Shoes – Tennis Shoes or Boots

Another popular kind of cheap wedding shoes that many brides choose to use are tennis shoes. Make sure they are completely white, and then lace tulle through the shoelace holes to make them more festive. If you’re thinking of using tennis shoes, then check out my article called Wedding Tennis Shoes. This is also done typically when the wedding dress will cover the shoes anyway. Another popular choice, especially here in Texas is to wear boots with your wedding dress.

Cheap wedding shoes are not difficult to find if you know where and when to look, and if you have some idea of what kind of shoe you’d like to be wearing on your big day anyway. The brides in the bridal magazines always wear some pretty fancy wedding shoes, and that may be what you are looking for as well. If this is the case, then look for sales on the Internet or in your local bridal shops to help you get the cheap wedding shoes you need to help completele your bridal look. (Personally, I purchased my cheap wedding shoes at Payless – white slippers with ribbon, and they turned out really cute.)