Choosing a Comfortable Wedding Band

Find a Comfortable Wedding Band!Most men are worried when they start shopping for wedding bands that their ring will be uncomfortable, especially if they are not used to wearing rings. Since this is something that your husband is going to be wearing for some time, it should be comfortable, and a comfortable wedding ring is possible. Here are three main things to look for when determining the comfort level of your wedding band.

1. Ring Shape

There are comfort fit wedding bands are very popular and are slightly curved on the inside to conform to the finger rather than being flat on the inside. Just because the ring is rounded on the inside does not mean that the outside of the ring is rounded too – it can also be flat if you prefer that style. Another option is a soft fit ring, which has softly curved edges on the ring, though not a completely curved inside surface in the ring.

2. Ring Width

When considering ring width, factors to consider include the size and length of your fingers as well as personal preference. Often men with large hands or longer fingers choose an average width band or a slightly wider band. Men with small hands or slender fingers often choose a 5mm ring or a slightly narrower ring. The most popular widths for wedding bands range between 5mm -7mm.

3. Ring Size

Nothing will bother you more than having a ring that fits incorrectly. Take some time to visit a jeweler to be sized, and choose the size that feels the best on your finger. Also take into consideration that your finger size will always alter slightly depending on the seasons of the year. Also, wider rings can also make the ring feel tighter, so keep that in mind as well when you’re shopping.

As always, taste and preferences play a huge part in shopping for a wedding band. Try on lots of wedding bands until you find a combination that is comfortable and would be willing to wear.