Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Choosing Your Wedding ColorsOkay, before I start, I had a totally hard time choosing my wedding colors, and looking back, I may have chosen another color or even a combination of colors to give my bridesmaids and decorations a little bit of a break to make it easier to match everything. For my spring wedding, I wanted my colors to be something bright and cheery, but also didn’t want my bridesmaids to hate me and hate the dress (I choose peach by the way). I wanted to match (or at least not clash) with the colors in the church, and since my bridesmaids consisted of two blonds, a red head, a brunette, and one with black hair, I wanted something that would compliment each person’s skin tone. If you need help choosing a color for a redhead in your bridal party, check out my other article, Bridesmaid Dress Colors for Redheads. Anyway, for days, I walked around looking at colors and color combinations, but it doesn’t have to be that hard for you. Here are some great helpful hints for choosing your wedding colors.

1. Tis the Season

It always helps to look for colors that go along with your season. For a Christmas wedding, red is extremely popular, as is black, green and other darker colors. Pinks, yellows, oranges and blues and other light cheery colors are great for Spring and Summer weddings. Autumn weddings, consider using the color brown with a complimenting color, such as pink, blue, green, etc.

2. Consider the Bridesmaids

Sometimes you just need to be careful when dressing your bridesmaids. As I mentioned earlier, you may have bridesmaids with many different complexions than you, and making one of them looked washed out or sick isn’t in their or your best interest. For example, a light green color and some yellows, makes me (a blond) look like I’m about to be sick or just extremely washed out. You wouldn’t want sick and washed out looking people in your wedding pictures, and your bridesmaids will thank you as well. Don’t let them rule your colors, but be sure to take them into consideration.

3. Make it a Mix

The easiest way to do this is to go to a paint store and look at color tiles to see what colors go together and what you like. A friend of mine used the colors orange and blue together for her wedding, and while thinking about it may not be your first choice, it ended up being really beautiful. They were able to incorporate both colors quite tastefully in their wedding, and it was lovely.

Whatever colors you choose, make it fit your personality. A friend of mine at work once said that she had wanted bridesmaid dresses in rainbow colors to match the Christmas trees at her winter wedding. Her family hated the idea and made her choose red instead, but she’s always thought about it and wished she had put her foot down. So make sure you choose something you love and enjoy, and that totally fits your personality so that you aren’t wishing you had done something different later.