Dealing with Doilies: A Vintage Wedding Trend

If you’ve been watching any of the 2011 wedding trends going on, I’m sure you’ve seen that vintage weddings are going to be getting more and more popular this year. And for all of those DIY-ers (like myself) there are going to be lots of excellent projects and designs that are easy to do, inexpensive, and a great way to make a giant visual impact for your guests. So, what is something that is totally cheap to buy, easy to find, and still looks so over the top elegant? Easy, doiles of course! And with a little creativity – you should see the sorts of things that can be done with them. I used to love the look of doilies. They were so crisp and classic that they dressed up any party or tea just by putting some on the tables or on top of a plate.

But the people at Cap Classique have found lots of other great uses for doilies that you wouldn’t believe. Here is a snippet of some of my favorite things:

There’s something so simply pretty about these paper goodies, and the best part of course is that they’re easily available and very budget friendly. Roll them into paper cones for your confetti, hang them in a garland, stick them on clear glass jars to hold your flowers, pop large ones on each place setting as a place card or menu – couldn’t be easier.

Not only do they give out these great ideas, but they also have pictures and links to templates of other more intricate and elegant DIY projects that you can check out here. I’m loving this theme!! What do you think?