Ever Heard of Balsa Wood Flowers?

Hey ladies! I’ve found a hot new trend in weddings that I am totally excited about, and am wondering if y’all have heard balsa-wood-flowersabout it.  They are these wonderful little things called Balsa Wood Flowers, and they might be just what you’re looking for to complete your wedding day look. These little blooms are so fabulous and versatile, let me just count the ways:

Balsa Wood Flowers:

  • Will save you money on your wedding flowers
  • Will NEVER wilt in the sun…NEVER
  • Last forever – literally
  • Are completely eco-friendly

When I first heard about them, they sounded too good to be true – so I did a little bit of research…and here is what I’ve found. Everything that I’ve heard about balsa wood flowers is true – all of it. Here’s how it all works.

Balsa wood flowers are handmade flowers, but totally look like the real thing. They are handmade from tapioca wood peel, also called sola wood, which is a naturally derived paper product. It’s made by cutting the tapioca wood peel into pieces which are then made into the delicate petals that you see in the pictures. That’s right, balsa wood flowers won’t ever die, and they are made from all natural products, making them totally eco-friendly and green. How cool is that?

I also did some looking online to see how they really measured up when it came to price, and from some of the sites that I saw, you can buy 12 blossoms for just $5. Plus, they’re totally versatile. You can use them to hold your place cards at each seat rather inexpensively, use them in your bouquets or for your boutonnieres, the choices are endless.

So what do you think of these little beauties? Something you would be interested in or not?