Find a Wedding Dress for your Body Type

Perhaps the most important decision for any bride is the wedding dress. From a young age, most girls fantasize about their perfect wedding, the groom, the flowers, the cake, and most importantly, the dress. It is the most important dress we as women will ever buy, and yet will only be worn for only a few hours. Yet in those few hours she is the center of attention, and memories and photographs are made that will last a lifetime. So now you are out looking for the perfect dress, but don’t know what to look for? Here are some guides to help you find the perfect dress that compliments your body type for you to feel and look your best on your special day!

The Hour-Glass Figure:

The most flattering wedding dress types for you would be an A-line or dress with a dropped waistline.

There is some argument about a ball gown dress and a corseted dress, and it your own taste will need to play a part in this as well. Make sure that you have a gown that accentuates your curves, and not draw one that draws the eye to an unflattering line. Make sure you are emphasizing all the right curves!

The Pear-Shaped Figure:

With this body type the goal should be to find a wedding dress that brings balance to the top half and bottom half. The A-line and Ball gown would work best to disguise fuller hips, and paired with either a Strapless, V-Neck, Off-the-Shoulder, or Scoop neckline will draw attention to your upper half and work to bring proportion and balance out your figure.

The Petite Figure:

Being thin, whether tall or short, nearly every silhouette will flatter your figure. Watch out for big elaborate gowns if you are short, as they could overwhelm your small frame. The empire or princess gown will tend to lengthen your figure and add some height. Small straps or strapless gowns can be very flattering. If you are tall, you may want to stay away from empire dresses as they will draw more attention to your height.

It would be best to try on some of the gowns that you like, and just see what works for you. A dress off the rack, or in a magazine may not look the same on the model as they do on you. Be sure to try on a number of wedding dresses and necklines to determine what works best with your body type and tastes. Remember that, while your weight may fluctuate between the time you buy your gown and the day of your wedding, your body type will not change. So, even if you’re planning on losing weight before your big day, choose a wedding dress that suits you today.