Game Ideas for Outdoor Weddings

As spring slowly warms up to summer, and then cools down to fall we remember one hot (sometimes literally!) trend for weddings is an outdoor wedding and reception. But what if you have a beautiful wedding day with perfect weather, what are some fabulous things you can do to entertain your guests? The good people at have the answer, with this awesome article about outdoor wedding games. I mean, if your wedding is in the early afternoon, not everybody is up for dancing or other options many brides go for in traditional wedding receptions, so why not plan some of these fantastic activities for your guests to enjoy, and make even more fun memories for your wedding day!

Here are some examples of fun games you can have set up for your weddings guests to enjoy:

Croquet – Yes croquet! If you’ve never played before it’s actually pretty fun and a ton of laughs. Plus you can put decorations on the top of each wicket to make it wedding themed. How fun is that?

Volleyball – This is a popular one in my circles, but mainly because we really love volleyball. Are we especially good? Not a chance, but it’s fun. If you employ this one though, you might want to give your guests prior notice to bring casual clothes for the reception. There’s nothing like trying to play volleyball in heels and a dress.

These are some of my favorite ideas they list, but there are even more in the article on the link above, so check it out.