Goldfish Bowl Table Centerpieces

Goldfish Bowl CenterpieceWhen in the quest for new and interesting table decorations for your wedding, you are sure to come across the idea of using goldfish bowls as part of your table centerpiece. In fact, I even bring it up as an option in one of my earlier posts, Wedding Table Decorations. I’ve been to many events where the host or hostess has used goldfish bowls with decorative rocks and mirrors, and it can really be a pretty centerpiece, and quite unique as not many people go this route. However, there are some benefits and downsides to using goldfish bowls that you may want to consider before going out and buying everything you need for this centerpiece.

Why Goldfish Bowls are a Great Idea

There are lots of reasons to choose goldfish bowls while doing your wedding planning for your table centerpieces. The bowls, rocks and fish are relatively inexpensive, and in the end you’ll have a unique living centerpiece. Not only will a goldfish bowl centerpiece be unique to many of the other table centerpieces that your guests have been used to, but having a living goldfish in the bowl will provide your guests with some entertainment watching the fish swim around especially if you have kids at your wedding. But perhaps the best part about using goldfish bowls as table centerpieces it that you can give away the goldfish bowls at the end of the night to your guests. You can put a tag on each goldfish bowl at the table with who the bowl is to go to, or just leave it up to the table about who goes home with the fishbowl. Whatever you choose to do with it, in the end you won’t have a dozen or more goldfish bowls to take care of when you get back.

Why You May Want to Think Twice

When I have been to an event that used goldfish bowls, at times they have been rather disappointing. Goldfish are not typically known to have long lives, and sometimes the goldfish died before the event was over. Call me crazy, but having goldfish floating belly up on your wedding tables could be a bit of a downer. Plus, who wants to take home a dead goldfish? Again, it could just be the goldfish that were bought for the event that I attended, but it is still something to take into consideration when deciding if goldfish bowls are right for your wedding ceremony.

Goldfish bowls can be a charming and unique living centerpiece that your guests will love.  Having a table centerpiece that is living can really provide a lot of entertainment for your guests, and is something to consider. If you have any goldfish bowl centerpiece stories, please write and let me know.