Great Bridal Shower Favors

Bridal showers are typically something women look forward too, a time of fun and games and the celebration of a dear friend or family member’s happiness. Though most brides don’t realize it, or think about it with everything else going on, it is proper for favors to be given at the bridal showers as well. Bridal shower favors don’t need to be extravagant or costly, just something to show those ladies who have come to help you celebrate that you are glad they came. Bridal shower favors can be given by the bride, the hostess of the shower, or some other friend or family member. There are lots of ideas for bridal shower favors that you can make or buy inexpensively on the internet. Here are some tips to consider when choosing which favors are best for your shower.

Consider the Theme:

If your bridal shower has a theme, totally play off of it and give gifts that go along with your theme. If your theme is a garden party get a collection of specialty teas and teacups and provide each lady with a small bridal shower gift basket of these items. If your theme is entertainment, get microwave popcorn bags, large boxes of candy and other snacks and place in an empty (clean) popcorn container as a great finishing touch, and another idea for a bridal shower gift basket. Use your imagination, it will help your guests remember your shower that much more.

Consider the Guests

When choosing your bridal shower favors, consider who the gifts will be going to. For example, you wouldn’t want to give large amounts of candy gifts if several of your guests are diabetic. To keep from alienating your guests, don’t choose something that will offend or be refused. There are plenty of favors that can be given that will be accepted and appreciated.

Consider the Time of Year

Seasonal gifts are a great gift to give for your shower. If you have a spring wedding, give out small arrangements of flowers or bulbs that your guests can plant. If you are having a winter wedding, matching scarves and hats are a great souvenier that can actually be used.

Remember that bridal showers are meant to be fun, and while your favors don’t need to be expensive, show that you have put some thought into it.