How to Plan Wedding

How-to-plan-weddingOne of the things that really gets me is women are getting married so young, and planning the most important day of their lives, and that’s fine. But what I really don’t understand is that we have these young girls who have no idea how to plan wedding, dealing with huge sums of money and trying to plan the most memorable event of their entire life. Planning a wedding is hard at any age, but planning a wedding when you have no previous party planning experience can be doubly overwhelming. So if you are wondering how to plan a wedding and aren’t quite sure even where to start, then join the club. Many brides are lost when they start looking into everything that goes into planning a wedding. If you’re in that boat, then you’ve come to the right place. When I was planning my own wedding, I was freaking out about how much work there was to do, and how many vendors that I needed to work with to pull the whole thing off. So when I was thinking about how to plan wedding, I started off in the wrong place, and made some decisions I wish today I could go back and change. Want to know what they are? Keep reading avoid those rookie mistakes that I made with planning my wedding.

Game Plan: How to Plan Wedding

When I first started planning my wedding, the first thing my husband and I did was to come up with a wedding date and go check out reception venues and book our church for the date.

I made the classic mistake that most brides make when they start planning their wedding. Instead of booking locations, come up with a wedding budget first and a rough guest list. The wedding budget may be tedious, but it’s so important. Find out who is planning to contribute what towards your wedding, and then allot for the different things you want in your wedding. There is some great wedding budgeting software online you can use that really helps. The rough guest list is so that you can understand just how many people could be in attendance. So, it’s pointless and a money waster if you go put a deposit on a room that holds 500 if you only have 150 on the guest list. Alternately, you could lose your deposit and have to pay another if you book a room for 150 only to find out you’ll have over 300 in attendance. So settle down and do your due diligence first.

Take a Stance: How to Plan Wedding Without Getting Taken

This is another area of wedding planning that I am passionate about. There are lots of wedding vendors out there who assume that just because they have the word wedding in front of their title (i.e. “wedding” photographers), that they can overcharge for their services. The fact is, vendors know that most brides have never planned a wedding before and don’t know how much their services should cost. So do your homework. I’ve done the research on different money saving ideas for weddings, and I love to share them with friends and family who are planning a wedding. So talk to any friends who have planned a wedding recently, or check out the information that I have available online as well. Learn to negotiate for the best prices, and where to go to find better prices if the wedding vendors in your town just won’t budge off of their prices. You CAN have a beautiful wedding on any budget.