Maid of Honor Speeches

Maid of Honor SpeechesIt’s a cool thing to be asked to be someone’s maid of honor. Being a maid of honor is a high honor for the wedding, and there are particular jobs and responsibilities that a maid of honor needs to do. When I was in college, my roommate asked me to be her maid of honor, and I was so excited to be able to have such a huge part in her wedding. So I went home and looked up the duties of the maid of honor and printed out the list, and found that a maid of honor speech was expected at the wedding reception. Now, most people are not big fans of public speaking (myself included!), but the thing to remember is that you’re doing it for the bride – and her wedding day is all about her. So fight the sweaty palms and butterflies and prepare a great maid of honor speech that will make the bride proud. The best thing to do for any kind of speech is to write it beforehand, practice and memorize it. If you’re afraid you’ll forget it, bring a note card along. The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll be when you deliver it. If you need help writing your maid of honor speech, here are some great tips below to help you get started.

Start with Humor

One of things that makes maid of honor speeches great is the well timed, and appropriate jokes or other pieces of humor. If you’re planning on using humor, be careful!! We’ve all heard or seen people  who get up to do  a speech, and have their jokes fall flat.  You also don’t want to use inside jokes that only you and the bride will understand, because everyone else will feel left out. The best kind of humor for maid of honor speeches is to think of stories from before the wedding, such as when you were children or when your friend and her fiance first started dating, or when you knew they were right for each other. Maid of honor speeches that have stories or jokes that everyone can relate to, or understand is the best kind of humor.

Say it From the Heart

While the best maid of honor speeches have the right amount of humor, they also need to have a balance of seriousness as well. Tell the couple how great they look together, use famous poems, verses or quotes. You could also tell them how well they compliment each other, and give them your well wishes for the future, some wedding advice. Maid of honor speeches are supposed to be from a dear friend who loves them very much, so you need to give them something serious as well.

DO NOTS for Maid of Honor Speeches

As there are always things you should include in maid of honor speeches, there are also certain things you need to leave out of your speech. Some of these people should just know from basic acceptable social conduct, but since some people just don’t understand what that is, here are a few quick examples. Do not tell any embarrassing stories about the bride and groom! It is their wedding day, and they should not feel embarrassed or ashamed in front of their friends and family. Secondly, do not improvise your entire speech! When you don’t prepare it shows, and people have a tendency to ramble which can get boring and off the subject. Also, don’t bring up any fights or problems they have had in the past, as you could also embarrass or start a fight, which is not good for a wedding day!

Just try and remember that maid of honor speeches should come from the heart. The best man will mainly focus on his relationship to the groom because he knows the groom better than the bride! It’s your job in maid of honor speeches to honor the bride, and give her something special to remember on her wedding day.