Marriage Proposal Ideas

Marriage Proposal IdeasWith perhaps the most romantic day of the year coming up soon, there is no doubt that many new couples will be engaged in the next few weeks. Now, I’ve always said that a growing, a girl dreams of her wedding day, and how she wants it to be. While she does dream of her perfect wedding day, she also dreams about her marriage proposal. Wedding proposals are actually pretty important, according to most women anyway. So here is a fair warning to you men out there, if you don’t put in the necessary thought and effort into a huge milestone like a wedding proposal, you may find yourselves in a heap of trouble which could hurt your relationship instead of strengthen it, and you may not get the desired result of a yes answer. Your wedding proposal should be very personal, romantic, and individual to you both. There are lots of marriage proposal stories and marriage proposal ideas that you can use, and it’s best to have a plan whatever your marriage proposal ideas may be. Here are some great marriage proposal ideas that you can use to help you get started if you don’t have a clue.

Simple Marriage Proposal Ideas

A lot of people go over the top for wedding proposals, and spend a whole lot of money on ensuring that their marriage proposal is out of this world. However, in the event of an upcoming wedding in your future, it could be in your best interest to keep your marriage proposal simple and save some money that you’ll need later. There are lots of simple marriage proposal ideas that you can use, and you’ll have to get creative. Many prefer their marriage proposals to be private, so perhaps a romantic candlelit dinner or moonlight walk could be best for you. The element of surprise is a must, as a marriage proposal can lose some of it’s excitement when the bride to be knows it’s coming. Many men try and write some poetry, or give a speech on just what their girl means to them, which is totally romantic, and costs nothing but a little bit of time.

Fun Marriage Proposal Ideas

There are lots of men who take the time and effort to make their marriage proposal to be something special. I’ve heard of marriage proposal ideas where the bride to be was led on a scavenger hunt all over town to wind up at a fancy restaurant with her man and a ring waiting for her. Or what about that awesome proposal in “Sweet Home Alabama” where the man takes Reese Witherspoon into Tiffany’s, proposes in the store, and then tells her to pick out any kind of ring she wants. These kinds of fun marriage proposal ideas can make for some great romantic memories that you both can share for years to come. Typically these kinds of marriage proposal ideas are done publicly, either in a quiet restaurant or a marriage proposal over the intercom of some large arena.

There are lots of different marriage proposal ideas out there that you can read and get ideas from to help create your perfect marriage proposal. Sometimes even just stopping what you’re doing and dropping to one knee and asking her to be your bride is proposal enough. Any marriage proposal ideas that you have need to have some kind of intimacy and privacy.
When my husband proposed, I had no idea it was coming. First, he made me a dinner of grilled chicken and vegetables, and then we drove out to a lake that he lived by at the time, and we walked up and down the beach until sunset, when he dropped to one knee and took the ring out of his pocket. It was so romantic, and we still go out to that lake to walk up and down the beach. So, if you’re planning on popping the question, be sure to plan out your marriage proposal ideas and find something that will totally wow your girl. She’s worth it.