More Bachelorette Party Ideas

More Bachelorette Party IdeasBachelorette parties can be a lot of fun. Bachelorette parties are typically hosted by the maid of honor and her bridesmaids and other girlfriends. Now, as I’ve mentioned before in several previous articles, I’m a Christian, and the party scene with drinking and strippers just doesn’t appeal to me. So it started me thinking, there have got to be other kinds of bachelorette parties that brides can go to that aren’t just about drinking, clubs, and male strippers. My previous article about Bachelorette Party Ideas went over really well, and a lot of people got help from it, so much so that I’ve decided to do another article with more great bachelorette party ideas that are different from norm. So, consider this my bachelorette party ideas part 2. Here is another list of great bachelorette party ideas that you can use to plan a bachelorette party the bride will never forget!

Take Your Bachelorette Party Out of Town

Planning this kind of bachelorette party requires some planning, to be sure. Grab the bride and a group of ladies and just take a weekend out of town. If the bride likes to shop, then rent a hotel room near an outlet mall, or near to her favorite boutiques. That way you can spend the day shopping, or window shopping, and the bride can spend her last evenings going out to dinner with her favorite girlfriends, and staying up late having girl talk. This kind of bachelorette party idea is a great way to give the bride some girl time, as well as some time to unload some of the stress that she has been dealing with doing her wedding planning.

Take your Bachelorette Party to the Spa

I covered this bachelorette party idea when I was talking about some different bridal shower ideas. But a spa is a great place to host a bachelorette party as well. Treat the bride to a relaxing massage, or even a manicure and pedicure to help her get ready for the wedding. Then, after everyone is relaxed and rejuvenated, take her out to a nice restaurant, to a karaoke bar, or some other place that the bride loves to go to. Remember that the bachelorette party is a party for the bride, and you should make it something that she really loves to do.

Bachelorette Party Ideas – The Slumber Party

My sister hosted a bachelorette party like this just a few months ago. The bride really just wanted a night to stay in, and to have one last slumber party before her wedding. So, they did it up like we were back in junior high or high school. They rented movies, baked cookies, and gave the bride a few gifts for her wedding, and overall they had a great time. It was just what the bride wanted to be able to spend some great time with friends, and relax from planning her wedding. Not only that, but she got to act like she was younger again.

There are lots of different bachelorette party ideas that you can use to help give the bride a wonderful time. If you are short on ideas, then just check out my previous article as well, Bachelorette Party Ideas. It’s sure to give you some great ideas and at least help you get started planning the best bachelorette party you can. If you have any ideas of bachelorette parties you’ve attended, or a bachelorette party that was thrown for you, then please write in and let us know.