More Wedding Reception Decorations

More Wedding Reception DecorationsI understand that when you are doing your wedding planning, one of the hardest decisions you will have to make (and you’ll have to make a lot of hard decisions) is what kind of wedding reception decorations you are going to use to create the wedding reception of your dreams. If you’ve been to any number of weddings, then I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of the same small flower arrangement on each table, or candles. Those are two of the most popular wedding reception decorations that you can use without really breaking the bank. But what if you aren’t having a themed wedding per se, and you still want your wedding reception decorations to pop? I’ve been looking around on the Internet, and seeing what other people have done, and have been thinking about it myself to try and come up with some more totally unique wedding reception decorations, and I’ve got a few that I really think are great.

Wedding Reception Decorations Celebrating Couples

One thing a friend of mine is working on for her wedding reception decorations is to celebrate love through the use of pictures. She is requesting that her married guests send in a wedding picture of themselves that they are going to blow up and hang around their reception hall. Pictures of the bride and groom will of course be hanging up as well. This is a great set of wedding reception decorations that are fun to look at, remember, guess who each couple is, or laugh at the styles during that time period. Print off the pictures in black in white so that they will all “match” somewhat, and pair it off with some flowers to help set the room off. Trust me though, not many people will be looking away from the pictures.

Wedding Reception Decorations with Fabric

One great wedding reception decoration that you can use that won’t really break the bank is colored fabric. I’ve seen some beautiful creations of different colored fabric draped from the ceiling, or draped and looped around the room that really adds a lot of color and depth to the room. Any colors will work, perhaps the colors of your wedding, or just a plain white can really look elegant as well. Depending on the height of your reception hall, you may need ladders and lots of people to help to make it really give off the look you want. So play around with it until you find the look you are going for.

Your wedding reception decorations should help you to create the look you have always dreamed of for your wedding. If you are going for simple and classic, or elaborate and elegant, there are plenty of ideas for every kind of look you want to go for. For more wedding reception ideas and advice, check out my previous article on the subject, called Wedding Reception Decorations. And, if always, if you have any other questions or need any other help, then be sure to write in and ask. Also, if you have some ideas of something that you have seen and loved and want to share, please write in and let us know. Until then, happy wedding planning. Don’t get too stressed out.