Nontraditional Wedding Dresses

Nontraditional Wedding DressWhen I was looking for the perfect wedding dress for our wedding, I scoured the internet for ideas whenever there was any free time. I hit so many websites that some of the ideas were shocking to me and my narrower views on what wedding dresses were supposed to be. I remember thinking, who would want to wear a white pantsuit on their wedding day, and not a big beautiful white wedding dress? But the more I think about it, having a big white beautiful wedding dress isn’t everyone’s idea of the perfect wedding dress, and why should brides be uncomfortable and not loving their dress on their big day? The fact is, whatever you choose to wear on your wedding day should be exactly what you want, and what goes along best with your big day. It just wouldn’t do to have a huge white wedding dress for a beach wedding. You’ll get the bottom of your dress all dirty and maybe ruin the dress. So here are some great ideas for non-traditional wedding dresses.

1. The Pantsuit

Okay, to be completely honest, I’m still not a big fan of the wedding dress pantsuit. But, if you are like a lot of women out there who can’t stand to be in a dress or anything like it, then a pantsuit might just be for you. Most of the pantsuits I’ve seen either in weddings or on the web are completely tasteful, and a better idea in some wedding scenarios than others. Wearing longer flowing pants with pumps or other strappy white sandals can be really classy, and you’ll still stand out from your guests.

2. The Sundress

This is most popularly used in beach weddings and more casual wedding ceremonies. Like I’ve said before, a large white wedding dress and sand may not work so well together. You’ll look just as lovely in a white wedding sundress with a floral headpiece as you would in a church surrounded by family and friends. Also, a casual wedding can make a traditional wedding dress look totally out of place. A great benefit of the wedding sundress, you can get it anywhere. Department stores and other stores will be much less costly than your typical wedding dress.

3. The Short Dress

If you’ve got the legs and a fashion taste that is different than most, then a shorter dress might be for you. I’ve seen mini dresses with longer capes in the back which look like something from off of a runway in Paris or something. If that’s not your style, then go with something that is only a shorter white dress. Remember, its about you being most comfortable on your big day.

4. The Dress with Color

I consider this a Non-traditional wedding dress, though some may not. To the traditional viewpoint, wedding dresses should be completely white, a symbol of purity. However, many brides today are choosing wedding dresses that are mostly white but with a small splash of color to match their bridesmaids.

5. The Colored Wedding Dress

Not quite the same as my last point, the colored wedding dress has nearly no white in it. This is especially popular for brides in second or third weddings. This could be your case, or else you just don’t want to wear white, and would rather wear a light tan color or color of your own choosing.

Whatever you decide to do, let your wedding reflect you and your future husband’s own unique tastes. Just because some family members or friends may not agree with your choice, it’s still your wedding and not theirs. Once the wedding is said and done, you don’t want to wish you had done something different.