Pew Decoration Ideas

Pew Decoration IdeasAnother great way to add some color and class to your church decorations is to have pew decorations. Now, I wanted to have pew decorations as part of my wedding decorations, because I just think it adds so much to the overall look and transformation of a church or chapel into a beautiful and elegant place to have a wedding. I chose to have pew bows for my pew decorations, and go into a little more extensive detail about it in previous articles such as Do I Need Church Decorations and How to Make Pew Bows. I knew there were lots of ideas for pew decorations that I could go with and any one of them would be beautiful, but I thought that pew bows with sparkle ribbon and lots of tulle would look best in our church, and would create the look that I was going for. But, if you don’t like pew bows or perhaps are just looking for different ideas for pew decorations, then here are some other popular ideas to help you out.

Pew Decorations with Flowers

One great and popular way to add some color and style to your pew decorations is to use flowers. The flowers can be real or fake, or even a mixture of both to help save on costs. I remember I tried to have real flowers for all of my pew decorations, and the cost from a typical florist were astronomical. So you can only have arrangements on the first few pews to help save on costs, or you can integrate fake flowers to help stretch your dollar and still give you some beautiful pew decorations. Or, you can attach a single flower to the end of each pew, simple and elegant. Another popular idea for pew decorations with flowers is to use flower balls. I’m not sure if this what they’re really called, but if you’ve looked at any pictures on the internet, then you know what I’m talking about. Attach a ribbon to these flower balls and hang them from the ends of the pews, or even every other pew, and you’ve got an elegant pew decoration that is sure to have your guests take notice.

Pew Decorations with Candles

Another option for your pew decorations is to use candles. There are single candle holders that you can rent and stand beside each pew for a really elegant look, or you can find ways to attach a small candle holder by a ribbon or wire from the end of each pew. Get permission from your church before you do this though, as worst case scenario could be a falling candle and a small fire on your wedding day – not fun!

Pew Decorations with a Theme

If you are having a themed wedding, then look for pew decorations that will go along with your theme. For example, a friend of mine had a beach wedding, and they attached tall tiki torches to each pew. They didn’t light them – but the sight was enough. If you are having a western wedding theme, then you could hang cowboy hats to the end of your pews or bandannas tied around some simple white daisies are pretty as well.

There are lots of different ideas that you can use as your pew decorations. Get creative and try them out in your wedding location to make sure they’ll hold or give the look that you want them to give. One thing is for sure, the right pew decorations will really help your guests get excited about the transformation of the church as well as being excited about your wedding. If you have any ideas for pew decorations that you’ve seen or used before and loved, then write in and let me know!