Pink and Brown Centerpieces

Pink and Brown CenterpiecePink and brown are perhaps the most popular wedding colors of the year, and if it keeps going as it is, then pink and brown will be the top wedding colors for next year as well. Every day I get hundreds of people coming to my site looking for new ideas for pink and brown wedding decorations, and pink and brown centerpieces. Personally, I think that is because brides think that their options are limited to finding brown wedding decorations. Here are some great ideas from some of my other articles on decorating for your pink and brown wedding, Pink Wedding Receptions, Pink and Brown Weddings, and Using Coffee Beans as Wedding Decorations. Here are some great ideas for pink and brown centerpieces.

1. Cherry Blossoms

As I mentioned in my Pink and Brown Weddings article, I love the idea of using cherry blossoms as wedding centerpieces. If you don’t know what they look like, then there is a picture of them in that article as well. This pink and brown centerpiece can be done several ways. One way is to acquire long branches of cherry blossoms and place a handful of them in a tall vase at each table. They are graceful and will add a lot of color and depth to your room. Another idea is to get smaller branches and submerge them completely in a vase of water. I’ve seen it done before, and it is a very classy and simple centerpiece.

2. Pink and Brown Flowers

Believe it or not, there are some flowers that do come in a brownish color, and still look nice and alive. There is a shade of calla lily you can get that does have a brownish tint to it, as well as a Hydrangea. Talk to your florist for more information, but you do always have the option have having small pink and brown bouquets at each table.

3. Coffee Beans

Coffee beans can be bought relatively cheaply in bulk, and they make a great wedding table centerpiece. You can purchase or rent large hurricane vases and fill them to about a third full, and then place pink candles into the beans. Light the candles and you have a soft romantic glow over your wedding reception.

4. Candles

Another spin on the above idea is to purchase large brownish colored candles and place them on a large mirror or other base. Then, to add a splash of pink, either tie a pink ribbon around the candle, or sprinkle pink rose petals around the candle and table as well. Rose petals can also be bought in bulk rather cheaply, and make a great addition to your tables.

5. Potted Plants

Another great idea that I have seen is to buy some terra cotta pots and plant pink flowers yourself in them. If you have a green thumb this one should be great for you. If you don’t want the grow them yourself and are worried that they will die before the wedding, then just buy some already grown potted plants and transfer them into a terra cotta pot, or some other brownish color if you can find it. Then, tie some ribbons around the pot or cover the pot completely with a pink and brown fabric. This one is great if you are creative.

There are plenty of ideas out there for pink and brown centerpieces if you’ll use your imagination. You are not limited because of your wedding colors, but by how much you are willing to work and find something totally unique to you and your wedding! If you have any other ideas you’d like to share, please comment and let us know!