Planning a Snack Reception

Planning a Snack Reception

If you are planning an early afternoon wedding or a wedding on a smaller budget then you may want to consider planning a snack reception instead of a large ornate dinner wedding reception. Snack wedding receptions can still be done elegantly at a fraction of the cost of a catered dinner reception. There are many different snack foods from which you can choose, and if you are wondering what kinds of snacks to choose, here is a great list to start with, and then go from there.

Fruit Platters

Fruit platters at a wedding are a popular choice. You can buy them yourself at the grocery store and place them decoratively on a large platter. Popular fruits to use for wedding fruit trays are grapes, both red and green, strawberries, cantelope and honeydew melons, and even watermelon if in season. Chocolate covered strawberries are popular, but if you are buying them somewhere, they can get expensive. They are, however very easy to make yourself if you choose to go that route. They are a favorite though, so if you are making them be sure that you have plenty.

Pasta Salads

This is a popular one, and one that can definitely be done the night before. There are many different recipes for pasta salad, so look around for your favorite recipe, and then alter it for 100 people or so. You can work and make the pasta yourself, or ask a friend or family member to make it for you, and give them money for the groceries it will take. Place in large zipper lock bags until you can place it in a prettier bowl for the actual wedding reception.

Cheese and Crackers

Boxes of crackers from the grocery store aren’t very expensive, especially if you choose non-brand crackers. They do taste just as good. Buy an assortment of crackers, typically 2 or 3 kinds, and three or four boxes of each kind. When you’re looking at cheeses, consider purchasing an assortment of flavors, such as sharp cheddar, pepper jack, swiss, and any other favorites that you have.

Vegetable Platters

Large vegetable platters are another healthy addition to a snack wedding reception. Carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, and radishes are the most popular vegetables to include in a vegetable tray. Use ranch or other flavors of vegetable dip, and you have another simple snack for your wedding reception.

Other Ideas

There are lots of ideas for snacks at a wedding reception. Another idea is tuna or chicken salad sandwiches cut into fourths. Nachos are another idea you can look at. Several large crock pots with cheese and bowls of corn chips are delicious, but potentially messy. Also, consider several dessert platters besides the wedding cake, as they are also popular.

No matter what you choose, remember that it is your wedding reception. If your favorite snack food is popcorn and soda, then have a popcorn machine humming with freshly popped popcorn and ice chests of cokes for your guests to choose from. Your wedding ceremony and wedding reception should reflect both of your tastes and favorites to help make it totally unique.