Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Engagement RingLots of guys out there who are fixing to pop the question, and you know what question I mean, are faced with multiple decisions and questions. How should I do it? Should I have the ring first, or should we pick it out together later? What kind of engagement ring should I get? And of course, the nagging question on some men’s mind, Will she say yes? I know that my husband went through the same questions and thoughts while he was planning on proposing. One of the questions he worked through really well though, was which kind of engagement ring to get, and that was a princess cut engagement ring. I loved my engagement ring, it was what I had always dreamed of, and impressingly enough, he found out the answer himself. So, here is how my husband found out that a princess cut engagement ring was right for me, and maybe his methods will work for other guys out there looking to pop the question.

Look at Her Current Jewelry

What really helped my husband choose a princess cut engagement ring for me, was just his observation of some of the rings and jewelry that I already had before we got engaged. I already had a nice princess cut stone ring, in a light aqua color that my parents had bought me at graduation, and while we were dating, my husband would look at the ring and ask questions about it. From that, he knew that I preferred princess cut stones with white gold bands, and would love a princess cut engagement ring. While he was looking for the perfect princess cut engagement ring, he took one of my other rings from my jewelry box and had it sized to find out what size ring I was. So, that worked out really well too.

Talk to Her Friends and Family

First of all, before talking to her friends and family, be sure that you talk to someone you can really trust to keep your secret, so that it will stay a suprise. Once you find someone that you trust, then ask them what kind of rings you think that your girlfriend would prefer, and take their opinions seriously. Be sure to ask about what cut of diamond you think she prefers, as well if she wants a yellow or white gold band. After all, not every girl out there wants a princess cut engagement ring.

The princess cut engagement ring is a pretty new cut of diamond that has taken hold and gotten popular in the last decade or so. But remember that a princess cut engagement ring may not be right for every girl out there, some prefer older fashioned rings, or even engagement rings with other stones besides diamonds, or a yellow gold band. My identical twin sister preferred a round cut diamond instead of a princess cut engagment ring, so don’t make any assumptions when it comes to the ring. So, like I said, the princess cut engagement ring that my husband picked out was perfect, and the ring that you pick out for your girlfriend should be something that you know she will love and cherish for the years to come. Happy hunting!