Smore Wedding Favors

Smore wedding favorsMy sister called me a few months ago with an excellent idea for a blog entry, and please forgive me for not putting it on sooner. But the idea stuck with me so much that I just had to let everybody know about it. You see, she had been to a wedding recently where the bride and groom, looking to do something awesome and unique for their wedding guests, had come up with the totally original and totally cute idea of giving away little homemade kits of smores! How cool is that?!? I love smores, and really, what’s not to love with the toasted marshmallow goodness, melted chocolate and crunchy graham cracker? So, here I am to share with all my faithful readers here the wonderful idea of making S’more wedding favor kits.

Of course we all know what the ingredients are for great smores, and when it comes to ingredients, there really isn’t a whole lot to this wedding favor. All you need are graham crackers, pieces of chocolate, and giant marshmallows, and whatever materials you’re going to  use to wrap them all up. I’ve seen several different ideas for wrapping them up though, and whatever you use make sure you that make it your own and personalize it so it doesn’t look cheap and homemade.

One great idea is to make a little kit all on your own. Get some boxes from a craft store, some cellophane bags and go to work. Wrap up a couple of large marshmallows in their own bag, several pieces of chocolate in their own bag, and 4 squares of graham crackers in their own bag. Then, put them all together in the box, include a box of instructions, and tie it off to make it look pretty.

Another idea is to pre-make the s’mores for your guests, which will save you in materials cost. Just layer graham cracker, marshmallow, chocolate square and the other graham cracker and insert it into a bag, making sure to seal it well. Then, tie the package with a ribbon. That way your guests can eat them as is, or take the home to heat and enjoy campfire style.

One quick word of warning for you though. If you choose to do this totally fun wedding favor, don’t do it months before your wedding. Try to wait until just a few days before your wedding to assemble everything, or your marshmallows and graham crackers will get stale and ruin the whole thing you’re trying to do.

The picture in this article is borrowed from Stylish Giving , many thanks for your fabulous ideas and picture!