Thailand Honeymoon Destinations

In all of the possible places where you could go and spend your dream honeymoon, where would it be? Most popular honeymoon destinations include places within the United States for the frugal minded couple, Mexico, Hawaii, the UK and other tropical islands that are sure to offer breathtaking views and totally new experiences. But there is one honeymoon destination that has been gaining popularity for the last several years, making it one to definitely put on the list of possible dream honeymoon locales – and that is Thailand.

In the past Thailand has had the reputation of being a not so great place for young couples in love to travel, but that has totally been changing the past several years. I can say that my husband and I have been to Thailand several times  – and the beauty of it and the food is something that keeps us coming back time after time.

So what are some popular honeymoon destinations in Thailand? Here are some of my top picks:


If you love big city life with lots of stuff to do all the time – then Bangkok is just right for you.  There are tons of different outdoor markets, river markets, 5 star restaurants and hotels, world famous temples and so much more! Of course big city fast paced trips aren’t exactly what most couples are looking for, so here are some other slower paced ideas!

Chiang Mai

I love, love, LOVE Chiang Mai! Seriously – we could there. For couples who aren’t really into the beach but in for a good time and new experiences, you’ll find it here. Chiang Mai also boasts many five star restaurants and hotels that are a fraction of the cost of Bangkok locales, and there is so much to do! You can take a nighttime dinner cruise down the river at the center of town, shop in a variety of stores, go on an elephant ride through the jungle, the tiger kingdom where you can actually play with the tigers, a night safari, and numerous temples to visit. You can buy cheap but high quality souvenirs in the night market and eat the street food that Thailand is known for.  There is a reason why tourists love Chiang Mai, and you’re sure to be no different.


Phuket is the place to go for your dream honeymoon on the beach. Phuket is gorgeous and here you’ll find those beautiful white sandy beaches, bright blue ocean waters, fresh seafood and five star hotels, elephants and monkeys. Phuket is the place of choice for many honeymooners. You can also get one of many available honeymoon packages that, if you are so inclined, even include your wedding. What better way to get married than on a lovely Thai beach and then enjoy your honeymoon on spectacular Phuket island.

There are lots of great places to go when you’re researching places to go in Thailand. Trust me when I say, as someone who speaks from experience – that Thailand honeymoons truly do have something for everyone.  Has any of my readers been there – what do you think?