The Wedding Day Diet

After doing some research a few weeks ago, I came across a product I was really interested in called the Wedding Day Diet. Like I said before, I had lost quite a bit of weight before the ceremony from eating right and running, but in the end I still didn’t get to my goal weight. It wasn’t a real big deal, my dress still fit and I was happy with the way I looked, I just didn’t reach the goal that I had initially set for myself. That isn’t typically the case.

A lot of women out there are in a different boat. Either they bought their dress too early and then gained some weight with the stress of the wedding, or they are trying to fit into a gown that is an heirloom and didn’t want to alter it, or they just wanted some extra motivation to lose weight and bought their dress a few sizes too small (not a good idea by the way).

Anyway, I found this diet plan a few weeks ago, and had really wished that I had seen it before the wedding. It even has a diet plan for a few weeks out from the wedding, so I thought that it really wouldn’t hurt for me to try it out after the wedding and see if his ideas have any merit. So, with the permission of my husband, I bought his e-book, and started looking through the ideas that he had listed, and there was some stuff in there that I had never heard of before, things I never would have thought of myself.

In his e-book, he gives an exercise plan for brides, and for areas that will be most on display during the wedding ceremony. Such as toning your back and arms with special exercises for those wearing strapless wedding dresses and halter wedding dresses, which I thought was a really great idea.

So, to make a long story short, I will be trying the diet myself over the next few weeks, and will keep everyone updated on the progress and just how well it works. Keep checking back for updates on this, I’m really interested to see if his ideas will work.

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