Top Tips for Great Wedding Photographs

So I was checking around in the New York Times and ran across this insightful little article posted by a veteran wedding photographer, and I just had to keep reading. Apparently, Denis Reggie has a different take on wedding photography that he likes to call “photo journalism”, and it was a totally interesting read.  He’s photographed weddings for the stars, and other high profile weddings such as the Chelsea Clinton wedding awhile back – so he’s got to be doing something right.

In his article he lists his top 7 tips for taking great wedding photographs, and here’s my favorite one:

Overlook the obvious. Typically, wedding photographers plan for the classic — you might say clichéd — wedding moment, like the bride walking down the aisle. Mr. Reggie looks for a detail that tells the story in a new way. “Maybe it’s the mother clenching her hand to her chest, watching her husband walk the bride down the aisle,” he said.  “Look for the unexpected,” he said. “The reason so many people don’t get those real moments, is they are busy trying to orchestrate them, ‘Come over here, you’re here, turn this way.’”

So if you’re hiring somebody to take your wedding photographs, or are doing them for a friend’s wedding, you might want to consider some of these great points that he makes…I mean…they just make sense. You can check out the rest of his top tips for wedding photographs here: