Tuscan Theme Wedding Tips

Tuscan Theme WeddingsAre you still trying to figure out what kind of wedding you should plan?  One popular option that many brides are using this year is a Tuscan theme wedding. A Tuscan theme wedding can celebrate  your Italian heritage if you or your fiance have Italian ties, are going to Italy for your honeymoon, or just have a love of Italian culture. A Tuscan theme wedding is  one of the most romantic and beautiful ways to celebrate your wedding day. So what does it mean to have a Tuscan theme wedding? Tuscany is a region near the middle of Italy that is well known for it’s beautiful scenery with castles and fortresses, it’s pristine vineyards, olive groves and cuisine, and you can easily create and decorate a Tuscan theme wedding anywhere. So, whether you and your sweetie have an Italian background, or you simply want to plan a big, Italian themed or Tuscan themed wedding with all the trimmings, here are some great ways to create the perfect atmosphere for this popular wedding theme.

Decorating a Tuscan Theme Wedding

First of all, you should know that a Tuscan theme wedding can be held in a garden, a vineyard, an Italian restaurant, reception hall, or any other place that is decorated appropriately.

If you need to decorate the space yourself, or want to know what “decorate appropriately” means, look for an elegantly decorated room with lots of arches and columns. When it comes to choosing your wedding colors for a Tuscan theme wedding, use earthy colors such as gold, Tuscan red (a real color which resembles brick), olive green or a very pretty burnt amber. Vintage looking hanging lanterns, ivy, plasic grapes, parasols, old world maps, drippy candles, using a trellis or arbor, sunflowers, grapevine wreaths and fountians are a great place to start! One of the charms of a Tuscan theme wedding is the rustic elegance and European mystique, so be sure to look for decorations that fit the bill. Also, to enhance the feel of your Tuscan wedding theme, have Italian music playing in the background.

Food for a Tuscan Theme Wedding

If you are unfamiliar with this region of Italy, and want to have an authentic Tuscan wedding theme, it will help to do some research into popular dishes. Any typical Tuscan menu is going to highlight delicious combinations of peasant breads, soft cheeses, tomatoes, beans, olive oils and wine. If you are looking for a full meal for your wedding guests, you should be able to work with any caterer to work out the perfect menu of elegant Italian dishes that will delight any palette, but some popular choices are antipasto, brushetta, homemade ravioli, anitpasto and more! One thing I’ve seen at many weddings is to turn your wedding centerpiece into a fancy bread basket, with decorative breads of various colors and texures standing upright in several vases of varying heights (be sure to include the olive oil with spices for dipping!).

Wedding Favors for a Tuscan Wedding Theme

There are so many possibilities for wedding favors at your Tuscan theme wedding, that it may be hard to narrow things down. Miniature bottles of special flavor olive oil, vinegar or wine (for those 21 and up only!) are popular choices for Tuscan theme weddings. Other favorites are wine glasses filled with candy, biscotti, chocolate covered almonds, or anything with grapes on it.

Tuscan themed weddings are a popular choice for many brides because they are diffrent, memorable and of course, ultra elegant. So even if you are not descended from the Tuscan region, a Tuscan theme or Italian wedding theme is a great way to decorate and plan for your wedding.