Vineyard Weddings are Classic

Vineyard WeddingsI’m always on the hunt for new and exciting wedding locations and wedding themes. Vineyard weddings are a classic choice that I’ve been looking into recently. Honestly, vineyard weddings were never an option that I considered for our wedding, mainly because my husband and I don’t drink and I had always wanted to be married at our church. But many couples may not have a particular place with sentimental value where they want to be married, so why not look into vineyard weddings? Vineyard weddings are a popular wedding theme that can be adapted to be held anywhere. Vineyard weddings can be simply a decorated ceremony and reception hall, or vineyard weddings can be charming outdoor wedding ceremonies as well at a local vineyard. So if you’re considering vineyard weddings, here are some great tips for finding the perfect location, and some special activities associated with vineyard weddings to make sure it’s right for you. So let’s get started.

Finding Local Venues for Vineyard Weddings

The first thing you need to do when planning vineyard weddings is to think about where you’d like your vineyard wedding to take place. There are thousands of vineyards in the United States, and you may be surprised about how close some of them may be to you! Once you’ve compiled a list of possible vineyards, contact the owners by phone or email to see if they are able to accommodate a wedding. Many vineyards prepare for hosting vineyard weddings, and already have specific areas set up for you. Once you’ve confirmed they are available, you should make a trip out to visit the vineyards you’re interested in at around the same time of day you would like your wedding to be. This way you can see where the sun hits, and where you can get the best view.  Vineyard weddings will typically have a special gazebo overlooking the vineyards, an elegant indoor setting, or some other beautiful location.

Activities at Vineyard Weddings

If you’re a wine lover, vineyard weddings could be the perfect place for you to host your wedding. You can arrange for special wine tasting activities, or a wine-pairing feast for a seated meal from the experts. You really don’t have to b e a wine connoisseur to plan a vineyard wedding. Whatever activities the particular vineyard you choose has to offer, you’re sure to find that vineyard weddings have a classic romantic and earthy beauty that just can’t be compared to any other wedding.

Decorating Vineyard Weddings

If you don’t want to have your wedding at a local vineyard, or there are no vineyards available, you can always decorate your ceremony and reception venue to look like a vineyard. Hang some vines and grapes from the ceiling and around the room for a true vineyard feel, and create some simple shelves with empty wooden barrels. Keep your wedding colors in reddish and golden and green hues, and be sure to hang some rustic looking lanterns around as well. Hire a classical guitarist, harp or string quartet for music. You can easily turn any space into a dream themes around vineyard weddings.

When it comes down to planning a wedding, all brides have different planning styles. Every bride has their own idea and unique vision of her dream wedding, and for some, destination weddings for a vineyard wedding are a very popular and classy choice. Vineyard weddings are a very popular theme in the United States.