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Wedding Cakes

Wedding CakesWedding cakes are another one of those essential “can’t do without it at weddings” details that you’re going to need to work out. While wedding cakes all used to be the same plain white wedding cake with three tiers and a plastic little bride and groom on top – wedding cakes have really come a long way. Now, with the use of rolled fondant, wedding cakes can look like anything you want them to be, and can be a true extension of your own personality in your wedding reception. Wedding cakes are truly a wedding tradition – and a tasty one at that. I believe the saying goes that with a wedding cake at your reception, your new life together will certainly have a sweet start. Now whether that’s the case or not could be arguable – but the fact remains, if you are planning a wedding then some decisions are going to have to made when it comes to wedding cakes. Here are some great tips for picking out the best wedding cake for your wedding.

Wedding Cakes and Your Personality

I mentioned before that wedding cakes should be a reflection of the bride’s personality and style at her wedding, and I meant it. Wedding cakes should compliment the decorations that you have in your wedding reception, down to the elegance, theme and even colors that you have working there. But not only that, flavors should play a big role as well. For example, I love chocolate. I really love chocolate, and I hate white cake. So when my husband and I were picking out flavors for wedding cakes, the last thing I wanted was a white cake. So instead, my baker made me a strawberry flavored wedding cake which was delicious, and I got to really enjoy my husband’s chocolate groom’s cake!

Wedding Cakes and Shapes

Another important aspect you need to consider when looking at wedding cakes is what shapes you want your cake to be. There are lots of different options you can choose from, such as squares, circles and even hearts. Some brides even like to have a combination of the two, such as a large square layer with a heart cake on top. Also, you may go with only squares, but rotate each square to create a visual masterpiece. So start looking at pictures now and determining what kinds of shapes will work best with your dream wedding cake.

Wedding Cakes Decorations

Perhaps the most important aspect of wedding cakes is how they are decorated. Some of the most popular styles for wedding cakes include using rolled fondant to create large bows on the top of wedding cakes, making each layer of your cake look like a wrapped present, basket weave, or even pink polka dots if that is what your heart desires. Take your time to find the styles of wedding cakes that really speaks to you.

One of the best ways to decide on wedding cakes is to make an appointment with your baker and ask them for a little bit of their time. They will most likely have some cake boxes you can play with to see what the final result will look like for the wedding cakes designs you pick out. Also, be sure to look at lots of pictures of wedding cakes online to find great ideas for wedding cakes decorations. Picking out your perfect wedding cakes shouldn’t be one of the hardest jobs in your wedding planning – but you do need to take it into consideration.

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