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Wedding Centerpieces

Have you chosen your wedding centerpieces yet? One of the biggest problems that many brides face when they are planning their wedding are what kind of wedding centerpieces to use. The truth is, that for any kind of wedding theme you’re planning or even color combination, your choices of wedding centerpieces seems somewhat endless. Many brides know they need to have wedding centerpieces on their tables, but don’t even recognize the importance that they lend to your wedding reception. Despite some popular belief, wedding centerpieces are more than just decoration, they should be a feast for eyes of your wedding guests, help portray the theme or level of elegance that you’re going for in your wedding reception, and they don’t have to cost a fortune. So if you don’t know what kind of wedding centerpieces to use for your wedding, or just need some ideas and tips for coming up with the right ones, here is some great information that could really help you out.

Popular Wedding Centerpieces

Remember that just because certain centerpieces are popular, doesn’t mean that they are expensive. There are lots of great cheap wedding centerpieces you can do that look expensive and elegant, if you know how to do it. Perhaps the most popular centerpiece that brides use is flowers. There are flowers in every color, season and texture that can make unique and beautiful wedding centerpieces. Other popular centerpieces include candles, whether floating or in vases, mirrors, goldfish, candies, miniature wedding cakes, and much more.

Themed Wedding Centerpieces

One popular trend that many brides are doing with their weddings these days is to design their wedding around some kind of theme. Some popular themes include…but are in no way limited to… the beach, cowboy weddings, Asian, under the sea and much more! So if you are planning a wedding around one of these themes, then it only stands to reason you should have wedding centerpieces that go along with your theme. So, for example, if you are having a beach wedding theme, then a great idea for beach wedding centerpieces is to stand up paper umbrellas in a beach pail, and spread out some sand and shells on the table. A popular centerpiece for Christmas themed weddings are miniature Christmas trees at the center of each table. Use your imagination, and your guests will enjoy the fun atmosphere of themed wedding centerpieces.

Helpful Facts on Wedding Centerpieces

There are of course some rules on what kind of wedding centerpieces you should have on your tables, and how tall they should be. While having height is a popular trend in wedding centerpieces, make sure that your centerpiece is not so tall as to block all of your guests from being to look across the table at teach other. Also, make sure that you spend time to make it appealing to the eyes, as it will be the focal point for your guests throughout your entire wedding reception. Also, don’t assume that your wedding centerpieces need to be one of the more expensive parts of your decorating. You can find some great deals by putting pieces together that you find yourself to create great visual masterpieces. A little lace, fabric or heavy paper hot glued around mismatched cups for vases can really go a long way. You can find lots of great ideas just by looking around.

With as much as you have to plan and take care of while planning a wedding, it can be easy to get stressed and overwhelmed just at the sheer number of details and the amount of money that everyone is charging. But you’ll find that there are some great deals out there, if you just know where and how to look!

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