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Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations are perhaps the first and most complete look that your wedding guests will have into the style and plans that you have for your wedding. Really, unless they have an inside job in helping you with the preparations or decision making in your wedding planning, the first glimpse that most people see of you plans for your wedding is with the wedding invitations. Of course, you can’t only find out the date, time and location of your wedding, but your guests should be able to discern whether your wedding will be formal or casual, what your wedding colors are, and if there are any special themes that you have planned for your wedding. I suppose when you really think about it, your wedding invitations give a whole lot more information than most people think that they do. Of course, just as in any part of your wedding planning, there are lots of great ways to save money on your wedding invitations while still letting your wedding guests in on that little glimpse into your wedding plans. Here are some of the most popular ways to save money on your wedding invitations.

Discount Wedding Invitations

One of the first things you’ll notice when planning your wedding is that there are lots of different places where you can buy wedding invitations, and some of the locations will surprise you.Personally, I bought mine from my florist because when I purchased my flowers through her, she gave me a great discount on buying my invitations from her as well. So if you know you want some professional wedding invitations, then a great way to find a discount is to bundle it with some other kind of wedding purchase that you’re going to make for the savings. Or, there are many discount paper stores that can offer you great deals on wedding invitations. Just be sure to do your homework and find the locations near you, and shop for some great deals.

Homemade Wedding Invitations

Homemade wedding invitations are a popular with people who love crafts and doing those sorts of tasks themselves, and you can really save a lot of money on them as well. There are lots of way to make your own wedding invitations, and they can range from buying a kit at a craft or office supply store that has everything for you to print out your own, to being totally crafty and going to buy the colored paper, design a template on your computer, and then adding some bling to your wedding invitations such as ribbons, sequins, rhinestones or other little accents to help make them just what you’re looking for.

There are lots of great options for saving money on your wedding invitation. But you should know that if you are working with a smaller budget, don’t assume that you’ll have to go with an email mail out, or something other that is crazy like that. There are lots of great ways that you can have the perfect wedding invitations for your wedding for whatever you’re willing to pay for them. Check out some of my other great articles on wedding invitations for more information.

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