Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

Oh how I wish I had seen this marvelous idea when we were planning our wedding! One of the hottest new wedding trend Wedding Photo booth(and FUN one at that!) is to have a wedding photobooth at your wedding reception. They’re tons of fun, easy to set up, fun for your wedding guests and excellent memories of your wedding day that you can keep forever. I first heard about this new wedding trend a couple of months ago, and have been seeing it all over the place! Here are just a couple of ideas to get you rolling.

A Wedding Photo booth is Easy to Set Up

If you’re not as lucky as some of us with the option of tons of extra rooms for your wedding day, a photo booth can be as simple to set up as hanging some white cloth or even a colored shower curtain on the wall. Be sure to make a definite place where your guests are to stand for their pictures. At my cousin’s wedding just a few weeks ago, she simply strung out a bright and colorful shower curtain across the corner. If you’re having an outdoor wedding then string up a sheet or thick paper between two trees or wherever you can find a spot, preferably away from direct sunlight or windy areas which can have an adverse affect on your pictures.

Don’t Forget the Props!!

One of the things that set a wedding photobooth apart from any other kind of photo booth is the fun you can have, so don’t forget the props. The props can be anything your little heart desires. I’ve seen wigs, giant sunglasses, fedoras, feather boas, cut-outs of giant mustaches on sticks, giant red lips, tiaras, funny hats and other costume ideas. You can even include some large empty picture frames as props in your wedding and let your guests just get creative. Another fun idea is to include a white board and markers, or a chalkboard with chalk for special messages from your wedding guests.

One thing about this wedding trend is for sure. Your guests will have tons of fun taking pictures and watching others get their pictures taken, and not only that – but you’ll have some fun picture memories from your wedding that will leave you rolling long after your wedding is over.

Many thanks to my awesome cousin Caleb for this awesome wedding photo booth shot! 🙂