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Wedding Photography

Wedding PhotographyNow I know that for many brides it’s a sticky decision and a headache to deal with, but your wedding photography is an important part of your wedding day. After all, your wedding is the most important day of your life and you want to have some great wedding pictures taken that will help you remember your perfect day in all it’s magic and beauty. I remember the hassle that I had with dealing with my own wedding photography, I felt that no matter where I went, I wasn’t able to find a good deal on someone coming in and taking pictures for me. Either they wanted to cost me an arm and a leg, or they wanted to overcharge me and keep the ownership on my pictures. While ownership may not be such a big deal for some brides – it is for me! I didn’t want to pay thousands for someone to take my pictures and keep them and then make me pay through the nose for any reprints that I needed. As if I had money to burn, right? So here are some great tips about wedding photography, and how to find a great deal and keep your pictures!

Saving Money on Your Wedding Photography

There are a lot of little things that you can do to save some serious money on your wedding photography. The first place to look for savings is with the photographer himself. Instead of going with the “professional” wedding photographer (because we all know how I feel about those “wedding professionals!), go with somebody who has the skills but not with the fancy job. Find a stay at home mom who works out of the house as a photographer for extra money, a photography student from a local college, or even a photographer for a local newspaper to come in and take pictures for you. Other little things you can do are limiting the photographer’s time at your wedding since many photographers charge by the hour, and asking someone else to come in for you. Also, give up some perks for a CD of negatives that you can reprint yourself – more on that later.

Keep Your Wedding Pictures Yours!

As you already know, I didn’t like the idea that some stranger out there would be keeping my wedding pictures. So I found a wedding photographer who would work with me and create package for me that included a couple of framed prints, but mainly a CD that had all the negatives to my wedding pictures with full reprint permissions so that I could make my own reprints as much as I wanted. So now I can go to any kiosk and print out pictures of my wedding for more decorations for the house, gifts for family, or even someday if my own pictures get destroyed, I can easily get more.

Your wedding photography shouldn’t be a huge headache for you to deal with. When you are interviewing photographers for your wedding photography, be sure to ask them some of these important questions, and see if they will work with you on some of the features that you really want. If they won’t work with you, move on to someone who will. Remember that your wedding photographer isn’t doing you a favor by taking pictures at your wedding, you are hiring THEM for a job. You’re the boss in this situation, don’t be taken advantage of. I’ve heard too many horror stories about brides and their wedding photography nightmares to want to see another girl go through it.

13 thoughts on “Wedding Photography”

  1. JT says:

    I wonder if wedding photography is somewhat undervalued today because of divorce rates. I’ve been married three times and I have one picture left from my first wedding, and none from my second. I don’t care one bit about the first two marriages and my current wife and I haven’t opened our album or shown the pictures to anyone since the first year we were married. The only reason I even know where the pictures are is because we just rearranged the bookshelves…

  2. GeorgeS says:

    A great idea, however you could of simply reworded and retitled this post as suggesting folks look for a “camera operator” rather than a Photographer.

    So what might be the differences?

    Lets face it, operating a camera is not “rocket science” and almost all modern cameras are able to capture well exposed and in focus snap shots of whatever the camera is pointed at with fairly little intervention from the operator.

    An ‘experienced’ camera operator might even have a higher ‘keeper rate’ (good snapshots vrs ones that get deleted and never printed) than someone who has never touched or operated a camera before.

    When you goto someone elses event and bring along your camera and take pictures do you call yourself a “photographer”? I doubt it.

    So if you want someone dedicated to taking pictures at your event and don’t wish to burden your friends and family with the responsibility why would you shop for a “photographer” to do the job?

    A camera operator (“CO” for short) is someone who you hire to come to your event and operate a camera for you.
    Many of them operate under a “shoot and burn” business model which equates to: you pay them by the hour to operate their camera and when done, they burn a CD of the images they took and hand it over to you.

    Its then upto you to “photoshop”, resize, print or display the images however you see fit.

    It all sounds like a “win win” right?

    While many people are perfectly happy with this business model and arangement, its not for everybody. There are a few ‘gotchas’ that may or may not apply. A CO might not be for you if:

    – Want images like those found in bridal publications
    – You don’t own (~$1000) a copy of photoshop or
    – You don’t like or wish to retouch your own images
    – Desire a great attention to details
    – No skill or desire to make a photo album
    – You’d like “artsy smartsy” images
    – Color space and correction unknown terms to you
    – Would like people posed in flattering ways
    – Want the person behind the camera directing you
    – Don’t wish to setup/upload images to share on the web
    – Have no idea how to get good images printed or
    – Don’t know what it takes to create a good image

    “Photographers” usually take care of all the above and in the process of ‘creating images’, while you and your family and friends are in them, the images truely are the photographers creation. As such, they tend to get a bit protective of their ‘artwork’.

    Wouldent you?

  3. cdizzle says:

    ..@john…Beat $1.00!!!!!!!

  4. Ale D says:

    This is ridiculous! To take a CD of the images for yourself is to steal!

  5. Mike Promer says:

    Wow, there is sooo much bad information in this short article. All you have to do is purchase a disk with your wedding package, problem solved. Did you even research that?

    More & more brides are being dissapointed by hiring people with no real artistic akills, or real photography skills. If your wedding photography is really important to you then hire someone good, there is no do over on your wedding photography.

    Now if you really don’t care then just hire the local soccer mom, after all her friends all tell her she’s awesome so she must be.

    If all you want is cheap you will get what you pay for.

  6. Just be sensible and remember that you usually get what you pay for. Wedding photography is highly specialized. It takes great skill and patience to capture the emotions of a wedding day. The proper wedding equipment is a sizable investment that the experienced wedding photographer brings to the wedding. This assures you of reliability and consistently great results. You don’t want to take chances on un-proven talent at your wedding so shop carefully for your photographer.

  7. BC says:

    Yes, do all of the above if you do not want stellar results and have no understanding of the business and art of wedding photography. No, I’m not a wedding photographer myself. Just someone with some common sense.

  8. W0Wsers says:

    There is some good advice here, mixed in with some horrible advice as well. Searching for a bargain photographer will 9/10 times bite you in the butt.

  9. Chris Fawkes says:

    You know you spend a lifetime dreaming about your wedding. After the day the photos become the hard copy version of your dreams.

    Sadly 85% of couples do not like their wedding photos and that is in large part due to the fool advice offered above. Sure some homebody may give you great results but it’s like a lottery win when it happens.

    Whatever you pay, whether it be $500 or $5000 what you get at the end is a powerful emotional product and in too many cases those strong emotions are negative, bitter, angry, a sense of getting ripped off for not spending enough on something you cannot now replace.

    A talented photographer does not equate to a good wedding photographer. And comparing photographers is not like comparing apples. You deserve a set of images from your wedding day that your children and your grandchildren can look at and get a sense of the grandeur and emotions of the day. An heirloom that increases with value over generations.

    For that reason do some research, it’s part of the fun of planning a wedding and find yourself a photographer that can consistently produce wonderful images, who will create for you photos that will bring out strong positive emotions every time you think of them let alone gave upon them.

    You will be so grateful that you did, for the rest of your life.

  10. Bob Johns says:

    Lol at Johns comment!!!

  11. JT says:

    I’ve been a photographer for over 40 years (most recently shooting aviation) and I know just what couples are going to get if they hire a cut-rate photographer. Cut rate photos…

    Go ahead and hire that stay at home mom or photography student and your pictures will look like they were taken by a stay at home mom or photography student. And don’t even think you’re going to hire one of the photographers from the local newspaper. All the photojournalists I know wouldn’t be caught dead shooting a wedding.

    There’s a reason wedding photographers command high prices. It’s because they have the skills and equipment to produce the quality photos most brides demand. You wouldn’t hire a stay at home mom to fix your plumbing would you? No, you’d hire a professional plumber.

    There’s truth in the old adage “You get what you pay for.”

  12. Alex says:

    A bigger nightmare for brides would be hiring someone cheap with little to no experience who would trip over things on your wedding day and deliver piss-poor results that any Uncle Bob could have done. Would you risk your wedding day for that?

  13. John says:

    If anyone is looking to save money on there wedding Photography they can contact me.I’m an upcoming photographer and have done weddings before.I will beat any quote.

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