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Wedding Planning

Are you planning a wedding? There are quite a few elements that go into planning a wedding. From arranging wedding vendors and locations to organizing your bridal party and all other events, wedding planning can be serious business.  From there, you’ve got to work with everyone involved to create sort of delicate balance to put it all together to create your dream wedding. It sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? While many brides may just hire an experienced wedding planner to take care of everything for them, sometimes spending thousands of dollars on just their wedding planner! Other brides will just jump in and start planning their weddings on their own, and look themselves for simple ways to save money. There are plenty of wedding planning ideas that you can find on the Internet, so it’s worth checking into doing it yourself and saving the money! So don’t get taken in! Here are a few simple tips about doing your wedding planning on your own versus hiring an expensive wedding planner.

Who are Wedding Planners?

A wedding planner is a professional party planner, and has most likely taken some wedding planning courses online. They are professionals, who have had a lot of practice planning weddings, and can take some stress off of the bride to be by doing a lot of legwork for her. While some wedding planners are freelance, and advertise their services on their own, others have wedding planning jobs at popular wedding locations as a benefit to using that location. But don’t think that wedding planners will give you cheap wedding planning prices. In many cases, you’ll spend over a thousand dollars for a wedding planner, and it’s a job that you can do yourself if you are dedicated and organized. As most brides are doing their wedding planning on a budget, why don’t you save the money you would spend hiring a wedding planner, do it yourself and use that money toward creating your dream wedding.

What Resources are Available to Plan My Own Wedding?

Perhaps the greatest resource available to you is the Internet. On the Internet there’s plenty of free wedding planning stuff, such as wedding planning websites with some quality wedding planning tips. You can find excellent ideas for wedding colors and decorations, as well as tips on how to talk to wedding vendors. One of the greatest resources for me though, were some wedding planning sites that offered a free wedding planning checklist and a wedding planning timeline so that I could go month by month and know what I needed to have done each month before the big day. Of course, you can always buy a wedding planning book at your local bookstore, but if you’re looking for some free wedding planning tips, the Internet is probably the best place to look.

What’s the Best Wedding Planning Guide I can Find?

Personally, I used the Internet for all of my wedding planning help and tools. On nearly any site that offers free online wedding planning tips you can find some excellent wedding planning lists and a wedding planning check list to make sure that you’re not forgetting something really important on your wedding day. While your local bookstore may not offer you free wedding planning guides like the Internet does, you can find some keepsake wedding planning books which could hold special memories for you for a lifetime. But in my opinion, you can’t beat free, because those wedding costs will start piling up while you’re planning your wedding. So the best advice that I can give is to go online for a free wedding planning checklist, or a free printable wedding planning page. If you really want the keepsake wedding planning book, you can always buy it and fill everything in later.

So, the best advice I can give to you brides out there working on your own wedding planning, find as many free wedding planning resources as you can! If you don’t like any of the resources you find online, you can always create your own unique and personalized wedding planning list or wedding planning calendar with the free resources as your guide. If you don’t trust the free online resources, just think about it this way: no bookstore is going to give you a free wedding planning book, and people on the Internet just want to help others to avoid the same mistakes they made.

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