Wedding Planning to Cut Costs Part 2

Plan a Wedding for Less!As I was writing the last article I realized that there are lots of places where you can cut costs in your wedding planning, and that there was much more to write about on the subject. You can read the previous article here, “Wedding Planning to Cut Costs Part 1“. True, it is my belief that most local wedding vendors overprice their goods for weddings, and do I believe there are things you can do to counteract that. Some of it I learned by doing myself, and some of it I realized in hindsight. There are plenty of options out there to implement which can help you cut costs on the ever rising cost of weddings.

1. The Guest List – Most people will tell you that one of the first things to do when budgeting your wedding is to cut your wedding guest list down until you have reached a number with which you are comfortable. There is no need to invite old friends from elementary school whom you haven’t seen in over 10 years, or anything of the like, or every person you have ever worked with. When you do the math for the cost per person, including invitations, favors, food, drinks, thank you cards, etc you will find the cost per person does get very high.

2. Location – The location of your wedding ceremony and reception does not have to cost a fortune. If you go to church, many churches will allow you to use their facilities free of charge if you are a member. Or if you or a friend have a beautiful home, backyard or even garden, its another great place to get married. Rent some chairs and an arch, and you have a gorgeous wedding location at no cost. Another great thing to look into is a destination wedding, which you can read another article on the subject, Planning a Destination Wedding.

3. Skip the DJ – Instead of hiring a dj or a band to liven up your wedding reception, a great idea is to make an MP3 cd with all of your favorite songs and have it played during your reception. Set up some speakers or other contraption, and you’ll save several hundred dollars from hiring an actual band. If you must have someone to lead, ask a friend or family member to emcee the event.

4. Wedding Cakes – Many colleges and schools offer classes in cake decorating, meaning that you do not need to hire a professional and pay dearly for it. Many have the training and experience, but do not own professional bakeries, but instead make cakes in their free time as a hobby, and can make cakes just as beautiful as any professional, for less than half the cost. You can find them in local wedding guides, internet, or the internet.

5. The Honeymoon – If you are short on funds, and still want a great honeymoon, there are plenty of ideas you can use that won’t break the bank. You can either shop locations and all inclusive honeymoon deals on the internet, in an off season for a better deal, then purchase the vacation insurance so that when costs go down, you’ll be able to recoup some of those costs. A honeymoon cruise is also less costly, and you’ll still get to go to some great locations. Also, don’t know a honeymoon in the states, there are plenty of great locations in the US that will make a beautiful and romantic honeymoon.

There are tons of ideas on how to cut costs for your wedding day. When doing your wedding planning, just ask yourself if you really want to spend $27,000 (average cost of weddings in the United States today), for an event that will only last for one day. Not that I’m saying that weddings aren’t worth it. Your wedding should be the best day of your life and everything you want it to be, just ask yourself if anyone will be able to tell the difference between the most expensive wedding vendor out there and a less expensive version that is just as beautiful.