Wedding Reception Decorations

Wedding Reception DecorationsWedding reception decorations can help to set the mood for your special day, whether you’re planning a large elaborate wedding or a smaller, more intimate gathering. No matter what kind of wedding reception you are planning, at some point you are going to need to decide what kind of wedding reception decorations you’re going to use at your reception. This can be difficult to decide, as there are many different ways to decorate a reception hall to complete the dream wedding that you have in your head. Granted, there are lots of different ideas for wedding reception decorations that you can use that will work wonderfully and create the look you’ve always dreamed of. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that any kind of wedding reception decorations will work best for your situation. There are several things you need to consider when determining what kind of wedding reception decorations you are going to use.

Have a Budget for Your Wedding Reception Decorations

If you’re not careful, your wedding reception decorations can take up a huge chunk of your budget, but this doesn’t have to be the case. At a minimum, wedding reception decorations should include table linens and a centerpiece. Your wedding reception decorations are important because your guests typically will be spending more time in at reception than they will be at your wedding ceremony. One great way to save costs is to enlist friends and family to transport some of your wedding ceremony decorations to the wedding reception site. This way your flower arrangements and other decorations can do double duty and you’ll get more use out of them. I had two large white flower arrangements on the altar of our church, and once they were brought over to our reception, they made excellent arrangements for our cake table and signing table. Look for great ways to stay within your budget for your wedding reception decorations.

Decide if You Need Wedding Reception Decorations

I know, this seems to contradict some of the other points I’ve already said about how they are important, but let me explain. Depending on the location of your wedding reception, you may not need as many wedding reception decorations as you would normally. For example, our wedding reception venue was located on the edge of a lake, with big beautiful bay windows and lots of beautiful landscaping. With the windows open, our guests got a beautiful view of the landscaping, and then of a beautiful sunset on the lake. Because most of our guests were focused on the beauty out the windows, we didn’t need as many wedding reception decorations than if we had rented a windowless room somewhere else. If your reception will be in a hotel lobby or another location that’s already nicely decorated, you might not need many wedding reception decorations after all, which will also help with your budget I was talking about before.

Another fun aspect of wedding reception decorations to consider is that decorations that can be used after the reception will more than pay for themselves. For our reception, I used artificial flower arrangements, and today these flower arrangements add beauty and memories to our home. Regardless of what kind of wedding reception decorations you use, you will want to make your wedding reception your very own. The right combination of wedding reception decorations will help to create the atmosphere you have been looking for, whether they be romantic, elegant or playful. Wedding decorations may not make up a huge part of the budget, but they play an important role in setting the stage for the mood of the ceremony and reception. For more great wedding reception decoration ideas, check out my other article, More Wedding Reception Decorations.