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Wedding Shoes

Wedding ShoesAre you one of those women who can fall totally head over heels in love with a pair of shoes? There are plenty of great styles for wedding shoes out there. It’s a fact that a good pair of shoes can not only brighten a woman’s day, but give her better posture, make or break her outfit, and a lot of women out there will judge a book by it’s shoes. And it’s not just shoes for any day at work or play, but your wedding shoes can have a huge effect on how you feel on your wedding day. Many brides think that just because their wedding dresses are long that no one will be able to see their shoes, thus choose something very comfortable, but not at all at the formal level of their wedding dress. So to keep from making some of these common fashion faux pas, here are some great tips and kinds of wedding shoes to help you make the best of your dream wedding day look.

Elegant Wedding Shoes

Your wedding is a big deal. Weddings are typically formal, even if they are held in the afternoon thus you will most likely need a formal kind of wedding shoe. Formal wedding shoes can be any style that suits you really, just so long as it compliments your wedding dress. Imagine what it would look like if you had a beautiful big white wedding dress covered in intricate beading and designs. Your hair is done perfectly without a single strand out of place, and the flowers you hold in your hand are fresh, dewy and fragrant. Then, as you take your first few steps down the aisle everyone sees it, dingy white flip flops. Suddenly, your guests can’t pull their eyes away from your feet – wondering if those were really the shoes you had intended to wear with your wedding dress. So it should stand to reason that some dressy or nice looking wedding shoes should be in order. Whether they be pumps, strappy sandals, heels or flats, you should choose some wedding shoes that compliment your wedding day look, not detract from it.

Casual Wedding Shoes

There are weddings that are less casual in nature, such as outdoor weddings and beach weddings to name a few. For these kinds of weddings, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to wear elegant wedding shoes since they can quickly get dirty, or make it difficult for you to walk in the sand or grass. In cases like these, casual wedding shoes would be in order. Flat sandals or low heels with some decoration are a great way to have your wedding shoes. If you’re planning a beach wedding many brides consider going barefoot, but I wouldn’t do it if I were you. Even if you check the sand carefully for sharp shells or glass you could still miss a tiny sliver and a cut foot on your wedding day just wouldn’t do. So some great beach wedding shoes can be the same kind of strappy sandal with a larger base such as a wedge, or a flat sandal.

Wedding Flip Flops and Wedding Tennis Shoes

I figured these needed a category all to themselves since wedding flip flops and wedding tennis shoes have gotten so popular over the past few years. I understand that being on your feet all day does not make for a very happy or comfortable bride. But please ladies, don’t wear your wedding flip flops or wedding tennis shoes during your wedding ceremony. Feel free to slip into something more comfortable for your reception if you like, especially if there is going to be dancing or something, or wear your more comfortable wedding shoes while you’re getting ready but please don’t wear shabby ugly looking shoes with your wedding dress. Many brides choose to dress up their wedding flip flops or wedding tennis shoes with tulle, bits of lace and white bows, which can help improve the look some, but consider wearing a nice pair of shoes during the actual wedding ceremony.

Wedding shoes aren’t too difficult to find, and they don’t have to cost a fortune either. Any feelings one way or the other towards certain kinds of wedding shoes? Feel free to write in and let me know!

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