Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding Flowers CenterpieceEven if you are not planning on having a dinner reception, you will need something to decorate the tables in your reception. Buffet tables, snack tables and dinner tables alike at any reception will need some kind of wedding table decorations to liven things up. These can be as ornate or simple as you like depending on your budget. Your wedding reception’s decorations can be virtually anything you can think of to spruce up your reception and make it totally you. Here are some great ideas for a table centerpiece that you can easily do yourself for quite a statement!

1. Candle Table Centerpiece Whether in the afternoon or evening, a candle centerpiece will cast a romantic glow on your reception. This can be done several ways. You can get some large glass bowls and float candles at the top, while filling the bottom with either fruit slices, flower petals, goldfish (see my other post, Goldfish Bowl Table Centerpieces), anything colorful that could compliment your wedding colors. If you don’t like floating candles, buy large vases and fill bottom with coffee beans or colorful rocks and place larger candles inside the vases so that they last longer. Just be sure what you choose to accompany the candles is non-flammable or you will definately have an unforgettable ceremony.

2. Wedding Flower Centerpiece – This is probably the most popular as as well as the most varied. In this category, a simple arrangement can be just as charming and ornate as large ornate flower arrangements. In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than simple roses in a crystal vase in water with a clear stones at the bottom. I’ve seen it done many times, and each time as elegant as the next. For my own wedding reception I had a small arrangement of flowers attached to a tall silver vase. You can also use certain types of flower buds as decorations as well.

3.Other Reception Table Decorations – If you are having a themed wedding, look for a reception centerpiece that will go along with your theme. If you are having a beach wedding, I’ve seen centerpieces with sand, shells and candles done very elegantly. Cowboy hats and bandannas are great for a western table centerpiece, perhaps along with some vintage spurs or cowboy boots. I’ve also seen miniature wedding cakes at the middle of each table. It is a beautiful decoration, and one that your guests can eat.

There are plenty of inexpensive table centerpieces to choose from, all that is required is an imagination and willingness to experiment until you find something is just right for your wedding.

See my other articles on Themed Table Centerpieces, as well as Using Coffee Beans as Wedding Decorations for more ideas to help you out!